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Zebec protocol: the Solana-based DeFi project

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The Zebec protocol is a continuous money-moving, saving, and streaming protocol that enables employers and employees to pay and get paid in cryptocurrency. There are many things you can achieve with the Zebec protocol.

It is different from the conventional crypto project in that this is all-encompassing. Users can engage with other legitimate cryptocurrency projects without falling victim to scams.

The Solana-based DeFi project makes it easy for users to save money in cryptocurrency to enhance the concept of decentralized finance further.

What is Zebec Protocol?

Before Zebec Protocol, there was no continuous money stream in the cryptocurrency world. This means there was no way for anyone to get paid instantly, automatically, and repeatedly (at a designated time unless the data is modified).

Since the world of cryptocurrency is gradually expanding to accommodate the diverse sectors of human existence and financial transactions, it makes sense for a utility token like Zebec Protocol (ZBC) to emerge.

Zebec Protocol was launched on the Solana blockchain in 2021. Its developers intended for it to be a continuous money-dispensing project. Anyone with a payroll-like payment system can turn to the network for continuous and automated money streams.

It is a means for decentralized finance to converge with the process of employee payment systems. 

Zebec Protocol has been built to allow programmers to input employee data into the software and smart contracts so that the principle of “If This, Then That” can also come alive with payment processing.

This means at the completion of stipulated tasks, such as at the end of the month, upon the submission of an assignment, or any other requirement that fulfills an obligation on the part of one party, the other party (the employer) consents to the release of a certain number of ZBC tokens or any other stablecoin into the wallet of the approved party.

There are many use cases for the Zebec project. But the primary one is employee payment. Any major or minor company or business around the globe can subscribe to the network’s service sans the stress of data analysis.

It further supports the trend of working remotely. Anyone from around the globe can be under an organization’s or business’s payroll without issues or delays with payment because cryptocurrency payments encourage universality.

The program has already been designed to take care of taxes if required. For instance, if you live in a country like the US and are paid to work somewhere remotely, you must give a share of your earnings to the government.

Instead of doing the calculations or deductions yourself, Zebec Payroll, the Protocol’s first initiative, has been designed to automate those payments. This eradicates the occurrence of delayed payments and ensures that employees get their salaries minus First Tax regularly and fast and without glitches.

The project uses stablecoins like USDT to facilitate this payment.

How would records of hundreds and, maybe someday, thousands of employees be kept for future reference purposes? It is through the blockchain which details every transaction.

It is irreversible, and the transaction that occurred at 8:00 pm last night will always be there. You can look it up when you want.

The information is decentralized, but the funds are safe and released in a timely manner. This is the innovative value the Zebec protocol brings to the crypto sphere.

ZBC Token Economics

The Zebec Protocol also has its native currency, a utility cryptocurrency. There are ten billion Zebec tokens in circulation. This number is seemingly excessive because of the network’s specific function, which is a continuous stream of payments. Therefore, there must be enough coins in circulation.

However, because of the function of the token and what it aims to contribute to the crypto ecosystem, ten billion coins may be right.

Currently, there are 732,333,103 in supply. As an employer or employee, owning ZBC tokens is non-negotiable if you want to participate in the network’s services.

The fees are negligible, though, and are there to facilitate the management of the services offered.

You can also use ZBC to participate in investment opportunities like yield-farming and staking. Although the token encourages investors to diversify their portfolios, you must own Zebec coins to do these things.

Luckily, it trades at less than a dollar. Against the USD, one ZBC coin has a value of $0.016.

Despite being a new cryptocurrency, it has a market cap of $11,716,209. This is promising if you are considering investing in Zebec Protocol. The high monetary value means users are moving money around, which indicates the token may be off to a great start.

You need ZBC coins to participate in the governance of the network. As you likely know, cryptocurrency projects are decentralized, which means the members or users of the ecosystem are in charge of making decisions to move the project forward.

Owning ZBC coins signifies your full participation and allows you to vote in matters concerning the Protocol.

What does the Zebec project have to offer?

The core reason Zebec Protocol exists is so that businesses and employers from different segments can take control of the mode of payment for people on their payroll. This is a way to expand the use cases and popularity of crypto projects, but the employees will also enjoy many benefits.

Some of them include the following:

Investing Opportunities

Activating the automatic Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) system is an option for all users, including employers. If you are unaware, an automated DCA is a way of investing your funds in the safest cryptocurrencies in the market.

This protects you and your funds from fraud because the Zebec Protocol takes charge of the digital assets you invest in. So, you will not be tempted to buy into the promises every new and upcoming cryptocurrency brings your way.

Imagine the typical Dollar-cost averaging strategy, which shows you the best and strongest stocks in the market. They are a bunch that is grouped together and now serves as a single asset.

Therefore, the failure of one will not affect your portfolio or make you bankrupt. In essence, it allows you to diversify your portfolio with less risk, and Zebec Protocol is the first decentralized finance project to incorporate this into its vision.

With the Automated Dollar Cost Averaging function, the Zebec Protocol brings the option of investing in the strongest digital assets in the market. You will be protected even when one project loses value beyond salvaging.

A good example of this is the situation with Terra. Terra lost more than 97 percent of its value overnight. And it was one of the strongest assets in the market, with its native stablecoin. The stablecoin crashed too, but that wouldn’t affect you when investing in a financial project like Zebec.

All things considered, the automatic DCA feature helps users grow their idle funds, combining the functions of a real-time bank (but with more considerate returns) with a little dabble in a stocks-like market.


Zebec Protocol has a measure in place if you want to invest in the crypto market with minimal risk. You can choose to make it automatic, or you may handle the investment yourself.

The benefit of trusting Zebec Protocol is that the software selects the most viable projects and validates them before adding them to the list of projects users can invest in.

This is an advantage for earners new to cryptocurrency trading and investing. They are likely unaware of the risks involved in investing in projects and will certainly be unaware of DeFi projects that are scams and those that aren’t.

So, providing a basket of the safest investments for them to choose from increases their chances of growing their funds. This will mitigate losses to the less-than-scrupulous developers in the DeFi space.

In other words, the Zebec protocol creates a safe investing and earning space for crypto newbies and veterans.


Staking your ZBC tokens is another way to increase your earnings as an employer or employee. Instead of allowing idle coins to sit around in your wallet, you can lend them to the network for security and liquidity provision.

Of course, you can expect excellent API returns.

Crypto IRA and 401K

Envision a DeFi world where you can easily transfer your savings into an IRA or 401K account. It is no secret that these investment opportunities are available to make retirement easier and a phase to look forward to.

So, to further develop the idea of a decentralized finance world, where central banks no longer control the flow of money, many other financial institutions that are central based can also be adopted into the crypto sphere. That is what Zebec Protocol is all about.

Now that the crypto sphere has an allowance for IRA and 401K investments, there is no reason to move your money to a centralized bank, considering that you take full ownership of your wallet. Your wallet, your keys, your control, as they say in the crypto world.

Even better, the funds grow over time because the projects you invest in become more valuable as demand increases.

The ZBC Debit Card

The Zebec network plans to release a debit card to make it easier for users to carry out transactions with their crypto balance. Instead of withdrawing your digital assets and converting them to fiat money, a process many only sometimes find easy or even achievable, you can request a debit card.

The employees unfamiliar with how the crypto space works don’t need to go the extra mile to learn just because they earn on the platform. Instead, the Zebec Debit Card works like a regular Visa, Master, or American Express card.

Like the typical bank account, there are different segments you can create for your money. Even with the availability of savings options like the 401K, staking, and yield-farming, whatever is left in your wallet post deductions, can easily be spent.

The conversion of cryptocurrency to any desired fiat currency will be made possible and easy with the Zebec debit card.

Crypto debit cards can be linked to your wallet for seamless and swift conversion with no unnecessary fees. In other words, you can switch between any of the tokens in your wallet and a fiat currency within seconds.

The debit card will be accepted wherever Visa or Mastercard payments are available. You can also use your card at any ATM around the world.

Transferring money from your crypto wallet to your bank account will be easy and free with or without a debit card.

Zebec Debit Card is not yet available for use, but the network is working earnestly to make this provision accessible as soon as feasibly possible.

The Zebec Protocol founding team

Zebec Protocol does not adopt the anonymous founding team trend that has somehow pervaded the crypto market. The reason it is risky is because of the ease at which the developers of a project can abscond with the liquidity amassed.

This is not always the case, but it happens more than you’d expect.

Therefore, introducing yourself and the members of your founding team as the developers behind a project is a welcome achievement in DeFi.

Now, let’s explore the owners of the Zebec Protocol.

The first thing to note is that the founder is from India. Actually, all the founding members are from India.

Sam Thapaliya created Zebec Protocol. Thapaliya is passionate about programming and cryptocurrency and has poured his passion into creating decentralized software finance needs.

Zebec is his first cryptocurrency contribution to the DeFi realm. However, he has another technology-based project.

Ajay Gautam is the chief technical officer or CTO for the network. Other members worth mentioning are Sajjan Thapaliya and Subash Gautam. These are all individuals with a public profile.

How to use Zebec Protocol (ZBC)

You cannot use the services of the Zebec Protocol without buying ZBC tokens. The coins are cheap and, in enough circulation, and converting your funds (as an employee) from the stablecoins you were paid into ZBC tokens is easy and free. There are no hidden fees involved.

To use the Zebec Protocol’s services, you must buy ZBC coins from any legitimate exchange. But since the network is relatively new and hasn’t been listed on popular exchanges, you may need a decentralized exchange or DEX to buy the coins.

The Zebec Protocol is a project that will make it easier for employers to pay their employees, increase investment opportunities, and bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized finance.

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