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What makes Tectonic (TONIC) different from its competitors

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Beginner crypto traders are always searching for projects with potential and significant room to grow. But traders that have been in the game for a while know that searching for cryptocurrency ventures that deliver long-term returns are the best to invest in.

You may ask yourself, what are the best coins to invest in that will have future benefits and give good returns? Well, don’t look far. The Tectonic (Tonic) token is currently on presale, running through famous crypto investors’ and top analysts’ mouths as the next big project in the world of cryptocurrencies and trading.

The use of digital currencies has changed the way transactions are performed. It decentralized the exchange of currencies, removing the third party that affects deals and regulates currencies. Since its inception, cryptocurrencies have had a general global acceptance and have gone way beyond digital currencies for performing transactions.

Cryptos evolved from performing digital transactions only to becoming more of an asset, which many investors and business people are looking to dive into and invest a considerable amount of money into as it has profitable returns in the future.

Some people are still very skeptical about the cryptocurrency trend, but many people have been making it big. Cryptocurrencies have made the likes of Elon musk, Brian Armstrong, Brandon Chez, Alex Reinhardt, and more prominent people richer. In recent weeks, there has been an uptrend in the cryptocurrency market, which has led to an increase in profit for these investors as they are regaining in the crypto they invested in. 

Those with good experience in the market are currently looking for more profitable cryptos with the potential to invest in them. As previously said, Tectonic (TONIC) is great crypto that investors are looking to invest in, and from analysis, TONIC will have a very large upsurge in its price. Is Tectonic a suitable Crypto to invest in? We will touch on this and many more. But before we dive into this, let’s have an overview of the Tectonic Crypto.

Overview of Tectonic crypto (TONIC)

Tectonic is one of the new cryptos projects recently released to the world of trading and marketing. Tectonic aims to provide cross-chain decentralized money market systems which allow people that use it to earn passive income on their money or take from their assets whenever they want to. Those who save their deposits provide the liquidity for lending to people who seek to borrow at different interest rates. The intelligent contract algorithm that Tectonic operates with determines the interest rates based on the factors of demand and supply.

The Tectonic project was launched on December 23, 2021, and it was created by Particle B.  Particle B is a start-up accelerator or, some people will say, an ”incubator” for developing new projects on blockchains that have a high value on the crypto market. The developers of this project made it a token. It is on the Cronos blockchain, so it is safe to say that it’s more of a token or a coin. Due to that, you will see different references like TONIC coin.

Tectonic is a decentralized finance protocol that aims to allow lending and borrowing across different blockchains. As previously stated, it is under Cronos, and they use inter-blockchain communication, which allows interoperability between the Eth and Cosmos blockchain systems. Interoperability is the main feature of this token; it will practically be at its core. As well as having ETH assets and allowing inter-blockchain communications, it also enables borrowing cosmos (ATOM) purchases. It also supports lending to other assets such as trueUSD (TUSD), dai stable coin (DAI), USD coin, wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), wrapped Ethereum (WETH), and others. Through this, Tectonic becomes the cross-chain money market between the Ethereum virtual machine chains and cosmos ecosystem. The coin can also be termed a protocols native cryptocurrency token as it is used for participating in governance and staking in the community insurance pools, which have benefits in exchange for attaining the project.

The total amount of Tectonic supplied is five hundred trillion, and a TONIC token’s price is below a cent. Through analysis, it was discovered that the distribution of the tectonic revenue would be shared as started, twenty three percent goes to the tectonic team and developers, thirteen percent goes to the ecosystem fund, another thirteen percent goes toward network safety and support, and the remaining fifty one percent is given to the people as benefits for being on the platform and part of the project.  Although crypto analysts predict tectonic to come good, it is best to remain skeptical as the token has been largely untested, and the price remains under a cent. Staking initiatives could increase the demand for the token in the future. It is still very early in development, so the potential upside or downside is yet to be known, but volatile price actions should be expected, and investors should approach with caution.

What makes Tectonic (TONIC) different from its competitors

•It provides reward and revenue sharing. Some rewards and incentives are given to all stakers, buyers, and sellers. The revenue owed will be distributed between the development team, ecosystem reserve, network security and maintenance, and the rest will go to the community.

•Tectonic makes room for lending and borrowing. People who own the coin can lend assets from their cryptocurrencies to perform operations such as staking , short-term trading, and yield farming. This is one of the main features of this platform

•The platform is noted as a very organised and secure protocol, which has been acknowledged as a very safe protocol system. Due to the fact of that Slowmist audited it, it was proven to be very legitimate and secure 

•The price of the coin is relatively low, right under the price of a cent. It is a very cheap coin to buy, and billions can be bought at a low price, below $200 at current market prices. This is good because regardless of whether it is good or not, the amount spent on purchasing won’t significantly affect you.

•Tectonic introduces staking. This enables users to deposit their coins into the staking platform in return for yield, including a share of the revenue gotten from the fees lenders pay from their loans. It is important to note that people who stake with tonic earn a reward, xTONIC, which can later be converted.

•Tectonic also has a plan to launch later an insurance fund that will collect a certain percentage, most likely 10% of the interest lenders pay to be used in the case where undercollateralized loans have not been paid

Is the tectonic crypto legitimate?

The question of whether a cryptocurrency project is legit or not is a very common thing that people ask, as no one will want to dive into a project that isn’t safe or legal. Through research, it is safe to say that Tectonic crypto is a very secure project as it is seen as a very secure platforms. Through thorough checks and analysis, it has been seen that it is a project that can be trusted, and the fact that Slowmist, a blockchain ecosystem security company, audited the project, it is safe to say that it is very legitimate.

Is it a good investment?

Another question that pops up is whether it will be a worthy investment for you that will yield good returns in the future. Well, that is yet to be known. Investors are advised to approach cautiously because it is yet to be seen whether it will have positive or negative returns. It is important to do necessary groundwork and findings on a token to know if it will be a good match for your  portfolio. Whether Tectonic is going to be a good project for you depends on how far you’re willing to risk and how much you intend to invest. It is important to note that past performances are not a good way to judge how a token will end up, and also, never invest money that you cannot afford to lose because prices in the market can decrease and increase. So whether tectonic is a good platform or if it’s a project you should go into depends on you.

Tectonic Price history

Though past performances on the market should never be used to judge or indicate future results, knowing what Tectonic has done in the past can help you make or analyze the price and predict it. It’s important to note that when considering the price prediction, it’s essential to know that cryptocurrencies markets are always highly volatile, which makes it very hard to accurately predict what a coin’s price will be at any given time and even harder to envision it’s long term results and estimates. So predictions can be wrong.

Tonic/USD launched on December 23 at $0.000004027, which fell as low as $0.0000007895 on the 31st of that same month. In early January, it rose again to $0.000001153; in late January, around the 24th, it fell again to $0.0000004014. The token then began to rise higher and trend more positively, and on January 30, it grew to around $0.000001083 before it could reach $0.000001903 on February 8. But it wasn’t stable and couldn’t hold its position and later fell to $0.0000007179 on March 12. After a series of movements in the market. On January 30, tectonic rose to a high of $0.000001094 before market forces, and other factors caused it to reach as low as 0.0000001109 on July 23. Months passed, and with time the token later recovered around September 12. It was recorded that it reached a high of $0.0000001024, and at that time, it was reported that 90.82 trillion Tonic coin was in circulation out of a total supply of 500trillion. If that analysis was true and correct, we could then say that tectonic coins will have a market cap of around $11.247m, making it the 730th largest crypto.

Tectonic price prediction

Different analysts give different predictions about how they feel this coin’s price will end up. Some of them are


This platform predicts that the tonic coin will reach an estimated $0.00000033 in late December this year and doesn’t feel the token will reach $0.000001 soon.


Priceprediction is bullish about the coin and believes it will reach $0.000001 in 2025. It predicts that by 2026, it will have a high of the $0.000006 mark.


They aren’t as enthusiastic as others and believe the price of the coin will stay below the $0.0000002 price for most parts of this year but predicts that by the year 2028, it will reach a price of $0.00000049

Where can you buy tectonic(TONIC)?

There are three exchanges where the token can be bought as it was made exclusive.

The platforms where the token can be bought are:


This is the most popular site which people can buy the coin from. You can purchase it  or trade it with either BTC, ETH, SOL, or CRO. Most people are familiar with the platform.


HotBit is also a place where users can purchase coins. Though HotBit has recently stopped transactions from happening on its platform due to criminal investigations, as soon as it’s back up, it is an excellent platform to trade and purchase the Tectonic token.

•Lastly, VVS Finance

You have the option to purchase the token from the decentralized exchange. Using VVS, WCRO, USDT OR USDC

Before deciding to purchase from these platforms, investors are advised to check out news about them to know whether it’s good to transact at that particular moment and understand the platform’s authenticity. This is important to know before going into any project.

The Tectonic (TONIC) coin is yet to be seen whether it will be a success or failure, but that’s something to watch out for, and due to its relatively low price, it is a reasonable risk that can yield profit in the future and can be an excellent asset to own. The project is safe for people who want to try it because it has been proven legitimate and is not a scam. It is seen as very secure. But note that you should only to invest money that you can afford to lose.

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