Blockchain capabilities can come in handy in many business segments. If routine business processes include the elements listed below, the introduction of technology will have a positive impact on the development of the company:

  • A transactional network is being used (or planned) to transfer data – for example, information from cash registers in large retail chains.
  • Consensus of participants is required to confirm transactions.
  • Regular internal and external audits are carried out.
  • There is a need to resolve disputes related to inaccuracies in counterparty accounting systems.
  • Tracking system is used (or planned) for the source of data origin (goods, object, document).
  • It is necessary to guarantee the immutability and security of the transaction report.

The blockchain network can work both within the company and between all participants in the production and trade chain. There is no need to develop such a solution independently. We will help you create your own network from scratch or based on a cloud-based blockchain service.


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