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What are the features of Numbers Protocol (NUM)?

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If you want a cryptocurrency that offers value, perhaps you have found it.

One of the factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency is the value it offers. When investing in tokens, the idea is to provide the team with some money because you believe in the project.

In return, you get some tokens that grow in demand because of what their network offers to the blockchain. That is just a summary of what you need to buy into a legitimate digital asset.

Want the complete details about Numbers Protocol? This is not investment advice, but if you stick around, you will learn about Numbers Protocol from the perspective of a successful crypto trader.

What is Numbers Protocol?

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized photo media project.

It is a cryptocurrency, so you should already know it is decentralized, but what is the value of this project to the blockchain? As you know, the blockchain is the most important aspect of decentralized finance.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, and every other cryptocurrency revolves around the blockchain. Like other digital coins in the market, these tokens serve the fundamental purpose of facilitating exchanges.

Smart contracts aid that function, like the popular P2P or peer-to-peer transactions.

But these coins also do something else for the decentralized finance ecosystem, or they won’t be as popular or valuable today. Now, how does Numbers Protocol contribute to the blockchain?

Essentially, this is what Numbers Protocol exists for.

You deserve the recognition and outright ownership of moments that you capture. And get this – Numbers Protocol provides an app, Capture App, for you to immortalize and turn these images into assets. There is a camera, the Blockchain camera, that you can use for this feat.

Do you enjoy food blogging? Or is travel more your style?

If you have a lot of activities that involve pictures you could copyright, Numbers Protocol may be a worthwhile project to believe in and invest in. At the risk of stating the obvious, a cryptocurrency token exists so that investors can facilitate the project’s development.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the Numbers protocol appeals to creatives or people who love to romanticize life. That is what Numbers Protocol contributes to the blockchain.

A cryptocurrency trader worth his salt would agree that Number Protocol’s project is directed at a specific market instead of an oversaturated one, which means it is likely to increase in value over time.

These different real-life use cases come in the form of an app, which serves a distinct purpose in the ecosystem.

NFT fans should sit up for this. The team overseeing Numbers protocol developed an NFT search engine designed to check if your artwork is unique or otherwise.

You can confirm ownership with hash tags, pictures, or a content ID. On the website where the search takes place, you will see a bold display of the number of smart contracts, assets, and tokens from which the information will be culled.

Another area where you can benefit from the Numbers Protocol is if you are a developer. You can create projects for the blockchain, and you will get paid for it.

From all these real-life use cases and applications, it is clear that Numbers protocol has something to give to the cryptocurrency sphere and is not merely another digital token seeking recognition or capital from enthusiasts.

Roadmap, Developments, and Releases

Another factor that is exceptionally indispensable when considering the value of a cryptocurrency is the roadmap.

This answers the question of the project’s paths to follow to achieve its goal, much as the word implies. However, there must be notable stops, which we can interpret to mean important applications or milestones achieved on behalf of the network and its users.

If these developments, releases, and milestones are negligible or non-existent, you should probably flee from the token.

Now, let’s get back to Numbers Protocol.

Looking at their website, you will see the attempt at transparency. There are detailed outlines of the milestones, showing what the developing team has been up to since the conception and launching date.

For instance, in November 2020, they released the Seal API v1. API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface, and it is software that aids the interaction of two apps without the user’s interaction.

This software allows developers to create applications that will also contribute to Numbers Protocol’s value on the blockchain, a win-win situation for everyone.

Back to the Milestones – they have been existing since November 2020 and are detailed all the way to March 2022. Again, the efforts at transparency are noticeable and quite commendable.

Everything notable about the Numbers Protocol has been highlighted on the website for all to see. From a cryptocurrency trader’s point of view, this is a green flag that can be interpreted in Number Protocol’s favor.

Regarding the roadmap, it is already common knowledge that Numbers protocol desires to build an ecosystem in the web 3.0 space for creatives to take adequate and easily accessible steps to protect their creations.

Imagine a network where every photo and video are copyrighted and can be traced to its actual owner. This makes it easier for intellectual property theft to be avoided and authenticated if needed.

The blockchain is an excellent platform for achieving such a feat, and do you know why?

Well, the thing that the blockchain is that the records are permanent and exposed for all to see. The transactions that have already been recorded cannot be altered.

Therefore, the technology will extend to recording the actual ownership of videos and pictures registered on the website by their owners. Once the information has been recorded, nothing can alter or steal its identity.

What is NUM?

Again, the Capture App and other applications on the Numbers Protocol network exist only as part of what the project intends to dole out to the world. As such, it is safe to say the ecosystem is in its developing stages and would therefore need lots of funds.

So, any crypto project that is starting needs a native token. This token exists for many purposes, but mostly to serve as your piece of investment. It is what you get in exchange for believing in the protocol.

NUM is the native cryptocurrency for the Numbers Protocol. You need it if you believe in the project and want to support its growth and development. Cryptocurrency projects often require massive funds to start, which is why there are initial public offerings or ICUs and the network’s general sale of the coins.

Now, you need to hold some NUM coins to belong to the Numbers Protocol truly. You will use that to create a solid identity for the moments you capture.

Got content you don’t want anyone stealing or using without permission or repercussion? You only need to purchase some NUM tokens and register your art on the network.

Here is another upside to belonging to the Numbers Protocol. The Capture App can convert the pictures you take to NFTs!

Depending on your network speed, this is your avenue to mint NFTs in seconds to minutes. You can sell that moment or memory you capture for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but of course, only if your unique image means something to the buyer.

As mentioned, you will know a coin is legit if its only value or purpose is not transactional. It must be able to fulfill a desire for a specific audience, not an oversaturated one.

Fortunately for those who love or are curious about Numbers Protocol, this project is more than a transactional currency. The blockchain and the future of the media need its services, which you will pay 2 percent for, preferably in the form of your NUM token.

NUM Tokenomics

The Tokenomics of a token is also important in deciding whether it is a good investment. Just as other segments of the economy hope for growth and work towards it, cryptocurrency projects that are newly developing do the same.

Therefore, you must factor in their total supply, liquidity, and volume. If too many tokens are in circulation, the value may not mean much. Furthermore, you want to check a token that still has a low value, especially if you desire to make money off the budding stages.

This may be the best time to buy it because you will purchase it at its most discounted price. And since you believe in the project’s development, you may purchase enough that when the value explodes, you make your money. 

The tokenomics information is obtained from CoinMarketCap, the most trusted website for delivering accurate data regarding trending cryptocurrencies.

The all-time high of Numbers Protocol was achieved on November 28, 2021. It reached a value of $2.54 but is currently trading at $0.06307. NUM has a trading volume of $949,183, which is not bad at all. Market cap is $9,815,190.

If this amount is trusted and dedicated to NUM, do you think it is worth your resources?

What is Special About Numbers Protocol?

Many things are special about Numbers Protocol, but most importantly, the easy access to everything you need to know about investing safely and supporting the community gives this coin additional worth.

Very soon, the section about the developing team will be discussed, but until then, you should know that the people you are giving your money to can be found.

That should ease your mind, right? Crypto rug pulls have led to the financial ruin of many who least expected it, so it is understandable if you are cautious about your next investment.

If you aren’t, this is a wake-up call to be. When investing in a token, avoid giving your money to unnamed entities because it is easier for them to abscond.

Back to the matter at hand, what is special about Numbers protocol? You already know one thing, so the next best, which applies more to the world, is that Numbers Protocol intends to create a verify and earn system.

This incentivizes developers and users of the network’s API to thoroughly verify the authenticity of pictures uploaded to the Web3.0 space. According to the team, this is the best way to combat the theft and distortion of images individually.

They are not wrong, and neither is any exaggeration in the question. The theft of images costs billions in damages daily, and the Numbers Protocol aims to end that. By registering your captures, they are traced by the network’s programmers, verified, and then sealed.

If you have submitted something that wasn’t yours or is misleading or inauthentic, your image will be flagged, as it should be. Misleading the media is almost a norm now, all for making sales.

But how do distorted images affect those that are particularly concerned truly? Think about it, and you may see just how much difference the network in question can make in a world that relies on technology and images we see daily.

The world would undoubtedly be better without the media misleading and causing unnecessary worry or panic.

Furthermore, you can proudly claim an image taken from you, regardless of who stole it.

If you also want to be in charge of the images that appear on your timeline, maybe the Capture App is for you.

There are many areas where the Numbers protocol would solve problems, including what you see and what you get when buying something online. You can genuinely gauge whether or not the product is for you with authentic images: no more misleading content – authenticity.

The Capture App is a good platform for anyone who wants to market genuine business. You can capture videos and audio with the app, thereby giving you an edge in e-commerce.


Numbers Protocol is a Taiwan company.

Phil Chen, Steve Chen, Kevin Lin, Sophia Yan, Vera Wu, Bofu Chen, Tammy Yang, Sherry Chung, James Chien, and many other named faces are the developing team and numerators behind Numbers Protocol. You can find them anytime, which means your investment may be safe.

Numbers Protocol is nothing like the cryptocurrency world has seen before. It provides the first blockchain camera and makes a massive leap in making the media more accountable and reliable.

Web 3.0 needs Numbers Protocol, and you may, too, if you are big on media and images.

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