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Tsuka Crypto: what it is and what it can do for you

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Is Tsuka crypto the twin sister to the Shiba Inu token? Well, that is what members of the meme cryptocurrency community think. And you know what?

They may be right! There are certainly some similarities, most notably the shared common ethnic background. Not to talk of the cryptic code members of the Shiba Inu community claim to have also decrypted.

There is an intriguing mystery surrounding the Tsuka crypto, yet cryptocurrency enthusiasts are eager to invest in it. No one can identify the team that developed this network.

Interestingly, it appeared on the Ethereum blockchain on the 26th of May. And every transaction that has taken place has been uploaded on the website since then.

Why does Dejitaru Tsuka stand out?

Dejitaru Tsuka is different from your typical cryptocurrency. It suddenly appeared on the 26th of May without any presale or drama accompanying the launch of a new cryptocurrency.

It just popped up and has attained a trading volume of $1.5 million, despite lacking a presale program. But that is not all.

When you visit the Dejitaru Tsuka website, you see the recent transactions – buy and sell orders displayed right there!

What an attempt to be so transparent despite having no team that it can be traced to or identified with.

What does Dejitaru Tsuka offer the world?

Transparency. However, it is ironic because Dejitaru Tsuka’s founder has yet to reveal who they are, which may be the most accountable measure.

But again, many other cryptocurrencies that have pulled a scam on their members revealed their identities, so it may not mean much.

Speaking of transparency, you can check the number of transactions between Dejitaru Tsuka users. At the time of writing in late August, there are 5,035 holders of the tokens, and 63,048 transfers have been made.


DEXTools is a system that allows DeFi users or crypto traders to manage their trades better. Everything you need to execute your crypto trades without leaving the Dejitaru Tsuka website is within your reach.

There are real-live charts that allow you to plot your trades and execute them, and with the help of tools on the website, you can plan more accurate trades.

Essentially, you have your very own trading platform, even though you need to pay for advanced services. But the free version also has good features, like the pool and pair explorer. You can use it to swap coins too.

The first page of the Dejitaru Tsuka challenges you to dare the experience. Of course, there are many benefits of participating in the Tsuka network but considering that it is an anonymous platform that takes the concept of decentralized finance to another level, only the more courageous would bet on it.

Coinbase does not support Tsuka, which is one way to confirm the validity of digital assets. If they are listed on Coinbase, it may attest to the network’s belief in the credibility of the crypto project.

But you can find information about Tsuka tokens on Coinbase and other renowned cryptocurrency news platforms or websites.

In a world where rug pulls happen more frequently than they should, every crypto investor or trader must be careful before investing in a token.

You are advised to do your research properly, peruse the token’s whitepaper, investigate the software development team, and read about the application areas it intends to satisfy.

If anything seems off or your gut instincts don’t align with your decision to join a crypto network, you should try listening to it. Avoid investing more than you can afford to lose, and stay away from the FOMO trend.

FOMO is the fear of missing out, and it is most prominent, or the pressure is usually highest when there is a sudden spike in the price. However, that does not mean well all the time, which is where your gut instincts come in.

Diversification will also help you, especially if you get easily excited by the mystery behind the Tsuka token. It is best to avoid investing all your funds in a particular cryptocurrency.

Mix things up instead, so you have other options to fall back on, even if one is a scam or does not boom as much as you anticipated.

Tsuka Blockchain

The launch of Tsuka happened so silently; the token suddenly sprung up on us like a thief in the night.

However, it has been reliable and transparent so far, and you can do a whole bunch of things with the tokens. For instance, the typical applications like buying and selling for profit, staking, and contributing to liquidity pools can also occur on the Tsuka network.

It is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, which gives it credibility to an extent.

Tsuka price

Currently, Tsuka is trading at the rate of $0.04, which is low enough for anyone to own a significant number of tokens. On the bright side, if you have put your faith in the right place by believing in the Tsuka network, you can be quite rich if the investment pays off.

This is one of those coins that allow you to pay little to be a part of something big.

Furthermore, this relatively low price makes it easier to truly use cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange.

There are a billion Tsuka tokens in circulation, and this cryptocurrency has attained an all-time high of $0.08, which happened just recently.

Tsuka tokens have only been launched recently, and the value has skyrocketed since then. But again, this could be another grand scheme to rip people off their money, so you must stay cautious.

Tsuka use-cases

Like every other cryptocurrency, Tsuka tokens also have use cases. However, the application areas are also the same, but let’s explore them.

First, digital tokens exist to be a medium of exchange.

Some function as a store of value, like Bitcoin. Its price will increase and decrease significantly, and it has a value that’s often too high for most investors, so it is purchased fractionally.

But considering the founding team for Bitcoin, its fame in the crypto world, whitepaper, and other important information that helps you identify a reliable cryptocurrency, it is almost certain that your investment is going higher.

There is a downside, though. This also means that Bitcoin may be unable to properly serve as a decentralized medium of exchange, as it was initially designed to be. The drastic fluctuating prices will come in the way sometimes.

At best, you should reserve coins of that more significant investments because they have a promising future. 

On the other hand, tokens with a smaller value, like Tsuka, are great for small purchases. Their lower value also makes them a great store of value, especially because they have a good chance of increasing over time. Some give returns as high as 1,500 percent!

The problem is that you can never tell which of these new tokens are here to stay and those that want to pull a fast one.

Furthermore, you can use Tsuka to earn more money on the network. Every cryptocurrency needs a system of validators and a process that will work in a foolproof manner, or the funds of community members become unsafe.

Therefore, validators are nodes that confirm and record transactions on the blockchain, and these are amateurs and professionals alike.

If you have the resources to become a validator, look into it and apply at the appropriate channels. You will get paid in Tsuka tokens after solving puzzles that validate the credibility of a transaction.

This is a feature the Ethereum blockchain offers, so you can participate if you hold some Tsuka tokens.

You can also participate in staking to contribute to your network’s security without connecting to a computer and becoming a node. You contribute your inactive tokens to the project, and they use that to pay for security, i.e., paying validators. Your profit comes from the proliferation that happens to the coin’s value.

You could buy some Tsuka tokens and hold on to them if you want to diversify your portfolio. There is no assurance that the value will increase, but it is a new cryptocurrency, so it may have that in its favor.

Crypto faucets may also be a way to earn Tsuka tokens without spending your hard-earned cash. If you are wary about the validity of this project, consider a crypto faucet.

Crypto faucets are websites where you solve puzzles or complete assigned tasks to earn cryptocurrency. The payout for a token as low in price as Tsuka coins may not be tangible, but it is still a way to earn.

Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight because you have invested in this token. Many things influence the value of a coin, but popularity, applications, and community are pretty compelling pillars.

Is Tsuka a worthy investment?

It depends on you. What do you consider a worthy investment?

Before getting into that, it’s essential to remember that Tsuka is an anonymous cryptocurrency. It truly takes the concept of anonymity and decentralized trading to another level.

There is a common trend in the crypto market. The use of monikers or pseudonyms to disguise the true identity of the developers or owners of a coin is a prevalent trend that began with Bitcoin’s very own Satoshi Nakamoto.

Some other cryptocurrency founders have followed suit, such as Shiba Inu’s Ryoshi.

Ryoshi was renowned for using cryptic words. He communicated in a vague manner, leaving the things he said open to more than one interpretation. 

But he recently vanished; he deleted everything about himself shortly after Tsuka was launched, and there has been no trace of him since then.

Shiba Inu is still thriving, though, and the community eagerly awaits the return of their leader.

Imagine how chaotic things could get with a network with no founder, not even an individual courageous enough to stand behind a moniker. But again, this could be the endearing feature, an ironic situation only cryptocurrency enthusiasts will grasp best.

There is no way to identify the developer of the Tsuka token. This means if anything happens today, there is certainly no one to point fingers at or hold responsible.

Without a need for accountability, what is the assurance that your investment is safe?

The waters around the cryptocurrency Dejitaru Tsuka are murky, but you are challenged to put your feet in.

There are many applications to enjoy as a member of the Tsuka community, so some find the risk worth taking. Accountability is the priority of the handlers of the network, as recent transactions and every trade facilitated are recorded on the blockchain and displayed publicly.

If these factors don’t influence your decision about whether to invest or not, you can consider how the token serves your personal and momentary interests.

For instance, can you use the coins to make more money? Perhaps by staking or engaging in yield farming, you can increase your portfolio without investing more.

Money-making opportunities are available on the Ethereum blockchain and participation is open to all users.

Finally, don’t forget to consult with the boss, the person who makes the final buying or selling decisions – yourself! If your gut is not screaming at you to avoid the network, then perhaps it is the investment for you.

Do enough research before coming aboard any cryptocurrency community, including the renowned ones.

How to Buy Tsuka tokens

To buy Tsuka tokens, you need a metamask wallet. The wallet needs some Ethereum, which you can buy on a centralized trading platform like Binance. Afterward, choose an appropriate DEX or decentralized exchange that will help you complete your transaction and connect your wallet to it.

You will see the tokens you want to swap – Ether for Tsuka coins.

Imagine discovering a new cryptocurrency overnight. None of that typical or perhaps necessary hype that precedes the launch of a new token. No promises, guarantees, or anything to indicate the arrival of something that could revolutionize the world. That is what Tsuka embodies.

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