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Top 5 best long term crypto projects to invest in 2022

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For years now, people have been investing and making a huge profit from cryptocurrencies. Some individuals have made a lot of money from investing in different cryptocurrencies, while some have caused huge losses. It all depends on what coin you’re investing in. 

It is predicted that in the future, most of the cryptocurrencies in today’s market will seize to exist, and only a few of them will remain. Those remaining cryptos will significantly grow in value, and those who hold onto them will make a great lot of money. Identifying which projects to invest in is a significant problem for people ready to invest. 

There are different crypto projects in the world today, but choosing the best one to invest in is the best thing you can do. To make it big in the cryptocurrency space, one cannot be ignorant, and it is essential to know which coins are the most profitable in the long run. Here, we shall discuss the best 5 long term crypto projects in 2022. 

5 cryptocurrency projects you should invest in 2022: 






There 5 crypto projects all have very high potential to grow and return very large profits. Here are some notes on each of these projects, including their foundations, metrics, why you should hold them long term and why they are the best investments for 2022. 

1. Cardano – ADA 

Cardano is a cryptocurrency coin that can be seen as the perfect long term project to invest your money in. The coin has been noted to be one of the most valuable and busiest coins in the cryptocurrency world this year. Cardano is one of the cryptos listed in the list of the 10 most significant crypto assets by market cap. After the coin’s release, it didn’t waste time in becoming very popular as multiple investors around the world have seen it as a token worth investing in. It is now seen as one of the best growing cryptocurrency assets. Different wallet investors have seen ADA as an excellent short term investment and a good long term project that you should look into.

It has been predicted that the price of the ADA coin can reach 3.10$ in the next 10-12 months and around 10.46$ in the next 5 years. Most people have predicted the Cardano coin to become a bullish crypto asset in the coming years and continue increasing as time passes. It is important to note that the current state of the Cardano coin isn’t stable, but the project has the edge over Ethereum, and it’s the fact that it had a protocol that shows proof of stake.

Ethereum was running on a similar process, but what made Cardano more valuable was the fact that its approach was quicker, less expensive, and more convenient when verifying transactions. Because of this, ADA has become very popular with the dAPP developers, and therefore, the coin has built a very high demand.

Recently, multiple smart contracts have been established on the Cardano project and it has dramatically grown. There are over a thousand projects that are under development with the Cardano token, and many have already kickstarted. If you are looking for a coin to invest in, this is one of them. 

2. Polkadot – DOT 

Polkadot is a new cryptocurrency coin that has quickly become a popular asset in the crypto world. It has been predicted that the value of the Polkadot coin will significantly exceed expectations, and it will even become as big as top cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

It is ranked highly on the Coin market cap, a coin that looks promising for the future. The Polkadot coin is a new blockchain developed by a Web3 foundation in Switzerland. It came into light in 2020, and it was made as a helpful crypto software in banking. This platform was created with the particular goal of joining independent blockchains and merging them into a single network. Due to this, transactions, transferring tokens, and different assets have been made more convenient. 

A new feature has recently caught the eye of everyone on this platform, and you can now transfer assists between different Polkadot parachains. This has also increased the platform’s value and made it even more attractive. 

Polkadot has dramatically grown in value, and this is because the platform has multiple trading tools and developed technology that is massively advantageous to the crypt market. Due to this increase in value, the price of the DOT coin has risen to a price of 8.3$ in the early parts of 2022. This is an up and coming project, and some experts have predicted that the price of the coin shall rise by close to 80%, and by the end of the year, it should be priced at around 48$.

While some are predicting that it will pass 62$ and go even higher, the common ground between everyone expecting about the DOT coin is that it’s going to continue rising and growing. Note that the coin has a market cap that exceeds $7 billion, and because of this, it has been seen as one of the most promising long-term projects. The Polkadot platform is currently one of the best cryptocurrency platforms to invest big in. 

3. Lucky Block – LBLOCK 

Also, Lucky block is one of the new NFT platforms recently launched early in January. Scott Parker created it, becoming trendy in the cryptocurrency world. One of the reasons why this NFT platform is so popular is because the project broadly supports transparency and honesty. This is done through occasional crypto draws and NFT draws, and through these draws, people stand a chance to win multiple rewards and bonuses such as cars, watches, and other attractive awards.

The LBLOCK NFT was first introduced and placed on Pancake swap and the LBank centralized exchange. One thing that made this platform very popular in the crypto world was launching its first project for its NFT collection, the Platinum Roller Club. Everyone that is a holder of the NFT is granted access to different competitions, and this allows them to receive a particular percentage of the rewards when they are available. Since its inception, Lucky block has been destined for greatness as it already has a market cap of $1 billion and thousands of investors in the first few months of its launch. The platform has been a massive success, and people have predicted the LBLOCK coin to become of the most successful coins in the crypto market in the coming years.

Lucky block currently runs on the BSC blockchain, but the developers have plans to change it to Ethereum and make it more accessible. The online gaming industry will benefit from the Lucky Block project as it fixes comes with transparency and the issues of profitability as it brings more games into the blockchain. The LBLOCK NFT is limited, and it is in very high demand, there are about 10,000 available to people, and everyone is trying to get in on the project. Lucky block, particularly in a cryptocurrency project that experts advise people to invest heavily in because every sign points towards a positive outcome in the coming years. With its high demand, the project has been touted to increase in value, and because of this, it is one of the best projects to invest in. 

4. Tamadoge – TAMA 

Another cryptocurrency to look out for this year is Tamadoge. Tamadoge is one of the projects that has attracted many cryptocurrency investors, and it is seen as one of the most profitable projects and a platform that people should jump on. Multiple experts have highly recommended that you invest in the TAMA coin as it is one of the following big cryptos in the cryptocurrency world. 

Early in the development, $19 million was made from the sale of its presale allocations. Its presale has been seen as more successful than Ethereum when it launched. Multiple coins were affected during the crypto winter, but Tamadoge was barely affected by it, and just recently a crypto whale completed a transaction of 55.8 ETH. You can easily earn the TAMA coin as it is the native cryptocurrency in the Tamaverse, and you can earn the coin and other crypto awards on the platform where you earn while you play or also other meta verse games.

It is a mixture of an NFT, a meme coin, and a meta verse game. On the Tamaverse, you are allowed to use your digital dog to interact with other digital pets and also compete with each other to earn more. When you win different competitions with your pets, you are rewarded with Dogepoints that can be converted to receive TAMA coins.

With an already huge fanbase, it has become viral, and it is predicted to have tremendous growth and an upturn of x10 its value by the end of the year. The developers have taken precautions to make sure that the value of the coin doesn’t drop by removing 5% of the TAMA coin to use it on the network shop. Another 30% of the funds are allocated to the development team to find new ways to ensure its value doesn’t diminish. Different actions have been taken so the platform can remain one of the most profitable and best to invest in. 

5. Battle Infinity – IBAT 

Another cryptocurrency that you should look into investing in is the battle Infinity platform. This is a gaming play to earn platform with multiple games. There is 6 play to earn games on the platform, and you can win different rewards and games when you partake in them. All of the games and platforms make up what is called the IBAT battle arena. It is seen as one of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy. The IBAT token can be purchased during the Battle infinity battle swap, where you can exchange or buy tokens with other cryptocurrencies. There are different competitions where players can play on this platform and earn.

One of the most famous is the IBAT premier league, a digital fantasy league. In the league and other platforms in the battle arena, the characters, weapons, and other items are digitalized into tokens, and purchasing them makes players the direct owners. This is different from other games. Battle infinity is expected to be one of the best fantasy sporting platforms and a very profitable cryptocurrency to invest in this year. After its launch, its presale was very successful by selling out most of the tokens allocated for presale. The coin was priced at $0.11 on Pancakeswap, but it is now trading at $0.004 for a token. It has become possible and widely available for more listings and various exchanges in the future.

The battle infinity platform has different advanced features which attract owners. Some cool features include auto staking, which allows users to put in a particular amount of their tokens for a specific period of time and receive an interest in exchange. Regarding cryptocurrencies this year, Battle infinity is one of the best options for you to invest in, as in the long run, it will have positive returns. 

There are more cryptocurrency projects that experts and investors have predicted to be excellent long term investments, but these five are expected to be the best of the lot. 

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable investments that people can look to dive into and make a good return in the future, and it is essential to know which projects are the best to invest in your money in. Remember that it is necessary to properly do research on any project you’re interested in investing in and understand all of the important details. These projects that have been listed in this article are destined for greatness, but before you go into it, remember only to invest what you can afford.

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