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The trading of Stellar (XLM) is now on the Kinesis exchange

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The progressive mission of Kinesis is to expand its horizon of virtual assets, which are made available to users. In support of this, therefore, bringing Stellar in is an effective way to widen the option of leading digital currencies which can be traded on the platform.

About Kinesis

Heard of Kinesis Money but don’t know much about it? It’s a global virtual asset utility platform that enables the active management, trade, and daily spending of physical gold and silver-based virtual assets and digital currencies.

Users of this platform have access via its monetary system to impressive yields on physical gold & silver and save, expend, redeem, and trade their precious metals on a global and low-fee basis anytime.

Moreover,  Kinesis began in 2011 as a gold & silver physical bullion storage company in Australia.  It links the longstanding dependability of gold and silver bullion with blockchain technology, thereby standing as an incredible representation of a qualified substitute for unreliable fiat currencies.

What is Kinesis premise? Kinesis provides investors with the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency or exchange cash for physical gold or silver and keep them in one of the eight international vaults of the company across four different continents. After buying gold (KAU) and silver (KAG), they are allowed to be stored without charges. And the investors can send them easily to other available Kinesis members.

Every transaction made has a record, which is done via the blockchain (a public ledger). This will help to effectively keep track of the actual owners of the physical gold and silver stored in the vaults. An independent auditing service, which has been operating for more than a century, is saddled with the responsibility to audit the Kinesis vaults on a semiannual basis.

One important thing that the Kinesis system offers is a virtual currency, backed by precious metals, which captivates the interest of both investors and consumers alike.

For those seeking to have precious metals as possessions in an economical and secure way, Kinesis is one of the best platforms that you can use as an investment tool. It primarily seeks to 5ake advantage of the system to offer reliable financial services on a large scale to the citizens of the world who have no access to formal banking facilities. There are several developing countries where traditional banking services fall below the rate at which smartphones are being adopted. In these countries, the relevance of Kinesis will be heavily felt.

Investors can purchase a share in the company’s topline revenue as KVTs (Kinesis Velocity Tokens). A dividend from transaction fees that Kinesis charges will be paid with a  KVT.

So it can be said that Kinesis provides two different opportunities for investors, including a modality characterized by modernization, easy transfer, and optimal security, through which precious metals are purchased and stored, and a KVT.

Having the capacity to invest in Kinesis now at its early stage will offer a distinct investment opportunity.

XLM’s listing for Kinesis users

It’s good news for Kinesis users that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now on the Kinesis Exchange for trading.

Stellar (XLM): what it does

Stellar (XLM) was an idea brought into reality by the Stellar Development Foundation, aiming to facilitate transactions via the use of virtual versions of leading currencies, such as Bitcoin and USD, on a Blockchain network used by merchants and financial entities globally. As a complete decentralized network, Stellar does not need an intermediary to operate, implying that transactions and value transfers cannot be stopped by any entity from being completed.

Kinesis: trading and spending Stellar (XLM)

In the crypto listing, XLM is the 10th, and it’s now at Kinesis users’ disposal. Research shows that XLM will be paired with up eight fiat currencies, including EUR, GBP, and USD, as well as the native stable coins of Kinesis based on KAU and KAG, ensuring that crypto traders and investors have greater accessibility to the platform.

XLM can be spent on the Kinesis Virtual Card alongside the existing pool of digital currencies, allowing users to expend their virtual currencies, gold, or silver globally in real-time.

Since KAU and KAG of Kinesis were founded on a fork of the Stellar blockchain, the listing of XLM was definitely a natural choice. The leverage on the Stellar blockchain makes Kinesis offer more rapid and low-fee global remittances and instant payments in gold and silver to users through the Kinesis platform.

Stellar technology was implemented in 2019, and since then, it has given Kinesis users the chance to send and receive funds globally and instantly through the stable value of physical gold and silver while assisting users in avoiding the FX fees and high cost of traditional remittance provision.

To wrap it up, the Chief Officer of Kinesis, Jai Bifulco, explained that adding Stellar to the Kinesis Exchange is welcome due to how Kinesis has been supporting Stellar from the beginning. He said that listing XLM on their platform offers Stellar’s shareholders the opportunity to trade XLM and use the asset as an actual currency.

According to him, Kinesis ensures that users hedge in KAU and KAG, which gives the global cryptocurrency community the chance to park their digital currency profits in the value of gold, characterized by stability while the general crypto market is going through volatility/

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