Thursday, September 29, 2022
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The value of crypto ATM market is said to hit $472 million by 2027

Before we get to the main point of this article, which explains all about the market research forecasts on the cryptocurrency ATM market increasing in value, let us take a look at some key points. By 2027, there is a...

XLM Stellar ecosystem: why it is worth considering for use

Making international payments has been one of the most problematic aspects of the finance sector for a very long time. Long delays and transaction fees are typical of most payment platforms and institutions including banks. What if there was a...

Proof of Weight: real-life use cases of consensus algorithm

A blockchain is the lifeblood of any cryptocurrency, and it must be secure, scalable, and swift. Many blockchain technologies already exist in the market, the most popular ones being Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work. Being the premier cryptocurrencies may give them...

The market downtrend is good for crypto: is that really true

Every crypto owner is seriously watching how bitcoin fluctuates and even moves below the 20,000 US Dollar mark. This has created an unusual panic coming from the entire community. It's really pathetic to know that this USD 20,000 mark...

Countries where Bitcoin is banned in 2022

One of the innovations trending globally is the creation of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and lots more. In most parts of the world, these virtual assets are warmly accepted for different crypto activities. However, several countries have not seen the reasons for their acceptance, thereby imposing bans on their use.

Countries where Ethereum is legal or banned

Are you thinking of expanding the scope of your investment by moving into the world of cryptocurrency? If your preferred digital coin is Ethereum (ETH), it's advisable that before you purchase, sell, or spend it, you should check its status in your country (if it's legal or banned). This is because not all countries regard digital currencies, some can even legally prosecute you if you possess them.

Countries where Bitcoin is legal in 2022

For everyone moving into the world of digital currency, knowing if it's legally acceptable in your country is very important. This is to show that not every country accepts cryptos such as Bitcoin– there are several parts of the world where Bitcoin cannot be offered for transactions, including for trading as a commodity, purchasing goods, or paying taxes. In this article, we will explore countries where digital currencies such as Bitcoin are legally recognized in 2022.

Immigrating to New Zealand for software developers

In December 2021 the New Zealand Government approved a Class Exception for certain tech workers to come to New Zealand as critical workers. This means that eligible companies may bring eligible people to New Zealand as "Other Critical Workers" holding a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa, provided they meet the criteria and are nominated by the industry via the process outlined here. The Class Exception allows for 600 workers who, if eligible, may bring partners and children with them. All applications are also subject to general immigration requirements such as character and health criteria.

What is a Stablecoin?

Stable coins are called “stable” because their value remains stable most of the time. They were created because people needed a cryptocurrency that could act as a form of payment without having to worry about its price constantly going up and down.A stable coin is simply a cryptocurrency with its value pegged to the value of a real-world asset. i.e., a fiat currency, a precious asset, or even another cryptocurrency.

How to immigrate to Australia as a software developer

If you’re looking to work in a field that has massive growth potential and offers great job security, then you should consider working as a software developer in Australia. The country has a growing demand for skilled software developers and the job opportunities for software developers in Australia are growing at a rapid pace.  Various standard benefits come along with working as a software developer in Australia. These include free accommodation, free medical care, no tax payable as long as you are working in Australia, as well as a stable and high salary.
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Flux: cross-chain Oracle on NEAR Protocol

Flux protocol is a cross-chain oracle aggregator that supplies economically-viable information to smart contracts. Smart contracts are pieces of code...
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