Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Hedera Hashgraph: platform used to create decentralized applications

Hedera Hashgraph is the project responsible (patented) for the “gossip about gossip" protocol, a new method of recording financial transactions in a decentralized manner. It is ten times faster than the blockchain in record keeping, and many will agree...

SEC slaps Kim Kardashian in a crypto scam

Regulations exist for your protection, and one of the Kardashians has contravened them. The Securities and Exchange Commission has a new cryptocurrency case that would interest you. It is easy to trust the words of your favorite celebrity, especially when...

Monavale Crypto: price prediction and history

Fashion meets virtual reality, and 23-year-old Emma Jane MacKinnon-Lee is at the helm of it all. The former student of aerospace Engineering at the University of Sydney, she quit college to develop her project for the crypto sphere, is...

Countries where Ethereum is legal or banned

Are you thinking of expanding the scope of your investment by moving into the world of cryptocurrency? If your preferred digital coin is Ethereum (ETH), it's advisable that before you purchase, sell, or spend it, you should check its status in your country (if it's legal or banned). This is because not all countries regard digital currencies, some can even legally prosecute you if you possess them.

What is Ether?

Every blockchain needs a transactional currency. In some cases, all it does is facilitate payments and serve as a store of value, like Bitcoin. In other instances, the token can be used to execute many other useful applications, like Ether. Ether was launched in 2015. Before then, all the world had was Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency of the future. However, it had been designed to execute only one function – be a decentralized means of payment. The blockchain was the first in the industry, so its functions weren’t expansive.

What is Ethereum?

The cryptocurrency market is fast rising, with whopping increments and returns within the shortest period. It’s the currency of the future, so you may be making some good investment decisions by buying some. There are more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, but you’ve probably heard a lot about Ethereum. It’s among the top digital assets, second to Bitcoin. And you can use it to pay your bills or store it as an investment.
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Top five largest crypto exchanges

The hot cake that is decentralized finance needs a marketplace, regardless of the lack of a central controlling body. There...
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