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Sylo use-cases: what it involves and how it works

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Something big is coming to the world of technology, and communication is a colossal part of it.

Privacy is fast becoming a delicate concept. People get arrested and killed at the slightest incriminating data discovery. And in a world where communication manipulation and privacy infringement are super easy, the crypto sphere needs a means of self-expression and correspondence without fear.

Enter Sylo, the open-source, decentralized finance project that allows you to, put in their words, “type like no one is watching.” Uncensored communication is the focus of the network.

What is Sylo

Technological trends are revolutionizing the world, and it is no secret. Talk about concepts like the Metaverse, Internet of  Things, and even the idea of cryptocurrency itself – things are drastically different than they were a decade ago.

However, some things never change. Everyone has something to hide. Privacy is relational.

Sure, your correspondences may not put you at the threat of assassination by the mafia or government, but have you considered journalists, activists, and other high-risk entities out there?

Well, they are at constant risk of being taken out, and not in a good way. So at the very least, let them have private communication.

And wouldn’t it feel exceptionally great that you can also enjoy this privacy at no cost? Imagine a decentralized platform that encrypts each message sent and received, not just the chatroom itself, and stores your data in a manner that no third party can access. Not even the company that facilitates this intimate service.

It sounds like a VPN, but Sylo is mostly for communication and storage.

Sylo is the open-source platform that makes all these possible. Think video and audio chats with other wallet owners; a place where you can genuinely have private conversations that are truly encrypted.

It is also a decentralized wallet, which means you can store your tokens there. The Sylo network supports over one hundred cryptocurrencies, and if you can trust them with your private conversations, you can also rely on them to secure your tokens.

One of the ideologies of the future communication platform is that instead of building your own cryptography yourself, why not leave it to the experts?

Here is the simplest way to define cryptography – it is the art of writing codes to protect information and data. But it is a delicate art, a single error, and everything you have worked to preserve will be at risk.

Instead of putting your computer to work and risking so much in the end, why not let Sylo handle it for you? Running nodes on the network is cheaper and more accessible than you think.

Back to what may make Sylo the future communication platform – heard of the Metaverse? Or even the Internet of things?

These are almost everyday concepts. The plan to revolutionize technology and the internet are in motion, and an accepted means of communication must be in place.

The Metaverse seems to bring a world of crazy and creativity – where virtual reality and augmented reality make it possible for you to interact with other users in a computer-generated but not controlled environment.

Think Meta, too, and how the company formerly named Facebook is building a social platform where you can own things like virtual clothing and a virtual wardrobe. Unity and Roblox are also tech brands that want to develop the VR and AR world, and many others like them.

Without secure, end-to-end communication, a world like this will not thrive.

Decentralized and universal platforms for communication are emerging, and Sylo is at the helm. The protocol takes the experience of storing large and small pieces of cryptocurrency in a wallet further.

Now, you can have secure conversations with the person you want to exchange tokens with. You will also notice the lack of a middleman, albeit automated.

You can use Sylo to communicate with other parties in a smart contract, NFT owners, and buyers and sellers from other blockchains. How does it relate to the Metaverse?

Cryptocurrency was initially created to serve as a decentralized means of financing transactions. Now, picture a VR and AR world where you and the party you patronize; maybe to spruce up your VR wardrobe.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that no other person can see your conversations? And even if one encrypted message is somehow decrypted, the cryptography Sylo uses information would be compromised.

And you get to pay through that same chat room.

A wardrobe is one of the most basic things achievable on the Metaverse – so think bigger. Privacy is relational, but everyone is entitled to it.

Even now, Sylo allows you to pay for things without any other party’s knowledge. Thanks to the nodes that ensure the protocol’s security, you and your contractual partner will be guided by a set of rules on the platform that cannot be bent or taken advantage of.

This brings us to the Sylo token. The native cryptocurrency allows you to join in on these fascinating decentralized applications on the Sylo network.

SYLO token is Sylo’s own cryptocurrency

The SYLO token is Sylo’s own cryptocurrency, used to facilitate payments and offer security on the network. As of late July 2022, Sylo has a value of $0.004. This price is not so far from its all-time high of just above one penny, a truly accessible token and service for all.

Sylo creates a world without an excuse to have leaked conversations or infringed privacy. You can take back and develop your idea of privacy regardless of where you are and what your finances allow.

SYLO is the token you use to pay for the microservices on the network. Things like sending and receiving Sylo and other accepted cryptocurrencies and paying for the additional services on the platform, such as the decentralized applications, cannot be facilitated without the token.

What is the Signal Protocol?

The Signal Protocol is just what the name implies. It is a cryptographic protocol that allows the global exchange and encryption of billions of messages, daily.

Established in 2013 by Open Whisper Systems, this is the technology that facilitates the utter online privacy everyone deserves. If you cannot leave carbon footprints, why leave online tracks instead?

With the Signal Protocol, algorithms like prekeys, AES-256, military-grade, and the Double Ratchet Algorithm work together to protect your privacy.

This is what Sylo uses to ensure credibility and utter privacy of the calls and chats you exchange. Popular chat platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, and Meta also use the protocol to ensure secrecy and confidentiality.

But the thing is, these platforms store your messages for you.Sure, theymay mean no harm, but they can access your correspondence, eliminating the concept of an absolute or zero-log policy. Conversely, Sylo offers absolute autonomy, more than any virtual private network can provide you.

The protocol utilizes cryptography, WebRTC or Web real-time communication, Transport Layer Security or TLS, and QUIC to improve your online privacy.

Without your private keys, no one can access or decode your chats.

Sylo Use-Cases

Group messages have never been more secure. The Sylo network provides a secure platform for NFT or other crypto communities to exchange messages on a decentralized platform.

The system works so that the private keys that grant access to the group chat work so that when a user leaves or joins the group, new remote keys are assigned to everyone, and the encryption mechanism is upped.

Cryptocurrency platforms and especially NFTs, are big on community. Community is what makes the coin or art and being solid and impenetrable fosters a more profound sense of security, oneness, and a desire to belong.

Not to talk of the ability to be yourself, knowing that you are all of like mind and no walled garden or listening third party can access the system.

Audio chats are also much safer. You and another party can exchange messages free of fear through peer-to-peer services that both users must connect to. The network ensures that connection is impossible until there is no looming threat, albeit the slightest.

Man-in-the-middle attacks are prevented through the SECIO module that connects two users through an asymmetric protocol ensuring the Sylo users’ authenticity.

With the double layer encryption, there is an assurance that the system will deny entry unless you are the one signing into your unique wallet with the use of your private keys or BIP39 seed phrase.

Even while video chatting, the system may be compromised.

Well, unless you are using Sylo, which gives a hundred percent assurance that you and the other party at the end of the video chat are truly alone.

With your Sylo Smart Wallet, you are the only other party to any conversation.

File transfers are also possible on the Sylo Smart Wallet. You can send files confident that no one else is receiving information about them. Exchange private data and be assured that the intended other party or parties are the only recipients.

This same technology allows buyers and sellers of Non-Fungible Tokens to prove their ownership and exchange accessibility, permissions, and privileges.

You could try writing the code for protection or security, but why not rely on Sylo’s team of expert cryptographers and nodes to run the process? They are incentivizing to ensure the system stays safe, and you can get in on that too.

What’s more, you can earn from the Sylo network by signing up as a node to improve security and scalability. To protect the system from bugs and external attacks, you make SYLO tokens, much like mining or delegate staking.

Additionally, communication from one metaverse user to another is one of the reasons to use a Sylo wallet. Or, you could create your account in anticipation of the future decentralized services the open-source protocol will provide.

It is worth mentioning that regardless of the bulk of users on the network, scalability will not be an issue. This is because of the exciting incentives users are given to participate in and improve the security of the decentralized messaging platform.

What is the Sylo Smart Wallet?

The Sylo Smart Wallet is a decentralized software that allows you to store your tokens safely. Not just your Sylo tokens, however. You can keep options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, and Ripple, among others, hosted on the Coinbase blockchain in the wallet.

But it is not entirely like every other smart wallet out there. Instead, it also combines secure storage with secure communications. Think video chats with someone a thousand miles away, which can be done on the Sylo smart wallet.

You can also choose to send them tokens in chat. They must also have their Sylo wallet to join the communication room with you, although it is not compulsory if the aim is only to facilitate a payment.

In a nutshell, a Sylo Smart Wallet is a must-have wallet for a pair or group of people who desire secure and encrypted communication. But it is not necessary for both parties to a smart contract when tokens are to be sent or received.

How to Get SYLO

Confident in your coding skills? Sign up on the network and use your system to earn some bits of SYLO. This is one way to earn Sylo tokens.

Another method is to create your wallet, unique to you alone. This is the most important step and the only way to participate in the Sylo p2p or e2ee services.

You can download the Sylo Smart Wallet or create an account on the protocol’s website. Either way, your cryptocurrencies are safe, and so are your correspondences.

But before you can enjoy the services, you need bits of Sylo tokens, which you can purchase by converting a globally-accepted cryptocurrency like bitcoin or Ether. This can be facilitated on your desired exchange medium, such as Coinbase.

You will receive your SYLO tokens almost immediately.

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