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We are recruiting a development team to work on a cryptocurrency-related project and we would like to see you in action to better understand your approach to solving issues. As the first step to further work, we would like to offer you a paid test task. We will pay you from $25 to $250 for this, depending on the bounty on the question you have chosen.

We are currently looking for qualified programmers and developers, both full-time and part-time for new projects.

The task:

1. Select a question that you can answer from this link:

2. Send an email to qqnade5@gmail.com to let us know what question you want to work on. Choose a question that is suitable for assessing your skills (you can use tags in filters). We can only pay you for questions that have a bounty on them, you can read more about bounties here: https://stackoverflow.com/help/bounty

3. After an approval from us, answer the question and send your answer to us at qqnade5@gmail.com in a text file attached to your email. It should be a complete response with code samples. You don’t have to reply on the site!

4. Wait for your answer to be accepted on StackOverflow and receive a payment from us. Payments range from $25 to $250 for a correct answer depending on the question’s bounty – those are the numbers on a blue background to the left of the titles:

Bounty Оплата
no bounty
Reputation 250 or higher ⓘ
50 $40
100 $50
150 $75
200 $100
250 $125
300 $150
350 $175
400 $200
450 $225
500 $250

Join us on Discord at this link: https://discord.gg/mdpAERrgwp where we will publish questions that are paid at even higher rates, from $100 and up for each question.

The successful completion of this task is the first step to further collaboration and a possible permanent employment. However, we need these tasks in an unlimited quantity, so if you are interested and available, feel free to complete as many of them as you like.

We are looking for programmers and developers specializing in the following fields: Python, Java, PHP, C/C+/C#, JavaScript, Go/Golang, HTML/CSS, R, Solidity, Database Administrators (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo, PostgreSQL), System Administrators for Linux, Windows, Cloud Administrator – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure, QA Testers, etc.

Send your answers to qqnade5@gmail.com