Select Professional IT Services for Your Business

We cover all of the current technologies and programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, C/C+, JavaScript, Go/Golang, HTML/CSS, R, Solidity, Database Administrators (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo, PostgreSQL), System Administrators for Linux, Windows, Cloud Administrator – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure, QA Testers, and much more.

Custom Software Development

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qqNade is a custom software development company with experience, technical background and a deep understanding of industry-specific needs. We’ve supplied the most efficient products from scratch for US and European clients, including startups and growing companies.

Software Testing And QA

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qqNade rovides full range outsource quality assurance services with manual and automated testing.

Venture Capital Broker’s services

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qqNade allows corporations to quickly assemble teams that have the right skills for specific projects.

Business Startup Help

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qqNade offers world-class, flexible, and easy-to use business software & services for startups.

DevOps Services

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We can build up a team of DevOps experts who will improve your project infrastructure, shorten your product time-to-market, and accelerate development cycles.

Blockchain Development Service

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qqNade provides businesses with a complete view of blockchain landscape and its potential implications. We support you at every step of blockchain adoption, from design thinking-driven evaluation to assessing blockchain solution from various dimensions.