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Paradox Metaverse: a new blockchain gaming platform

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The Metaverse is an exciting place to be, and the latter part of 2022 has seen its further development, providing several sites to play to earn and mingle with other gaming and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Paradox Metaverse is a project that aims to increase your fun in the DeFi space, providing virtual infrastructures to employ NFTs and enjoy multiplayer games with creative missions that are every bit as realistic as the revered augmented reality games.

Playing the games on the Paradox Metaverse

Anyone can play the games on the Paradox Metaverse without paying a dime, but you need an NFT skin to participate in Play-to-Earn and actually earn. But it gets more favorable because you can rent your desired NFT character. Completing missions will help you increase your portfolio, but there are other ways to earn on the network.

You can also rent out your NFT characters for a price. Staking is also possible, not only with Paradox Metaverse coins but also with idle NFTs. The Paradox Metaverse ecosystem is all-encompassing and mighty welcoming of everyone, whether you are a gamer or an investor.

As a developer, you have a place in the Paradox Metaverse. If you build or design NFTs, you can also profit by creating NFT characters and items like weapons, accessories, and other exciting things that can be bought or sold in the trading marketplace designed by the network or opensea.

Increasing your financial portfolio by investing in Paradox coins

Your creativity is allowed to boom when you consider the Paradox Metaverse. But even if you are not a programmer, you can also increase your financial portfolio by investing in Paradox coins and staking them or using that money to buy NFTs that can also be staked.

Like every cryptocurrency that aims to add value to the decentralized ecosystem, Paradox Metaverse has its native digital token, used to facilitate transactions and services on the play-to-earn ecosystem. Without it, the intersection between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 will be a hassle.

That token is called $Paradox, and you can also use it to earn more without participating in P2E games. By staking your coin for a minimum of 28 days and a maximum of 2,888 days, you can qualify for an APY that is more appealing than what banks offer.

More importantly, without Paradox coins, you cannot participate in anything on the ecosystem, including free metaverse games. It is also used to pay gas fees when one user sends coins to another.

Paradox coin has a market cap of $960,000 and a fully diluted market cap of $75,600,000. This indicates the presence of high trading opportunities. One token trades at $0.07, and there are 12,700,000 tokens in circulation.

The value is so low while it is a high quantity because it is a utility token. Money is needed to keep the project afloat, and the funds are raised from the sale of tokens and NFTs by the Paradox Metaverse project.

Paradox Metaverse for game players

In every sense of it, Paradox Metaverse is designed for game players. But as mentioned already, everyone can participate.

There are several NFTs to choose from, and these are needed to participate in play-to-earn games. The characters are intriguing NFT creations, such as the popular Ape species. More specifically, you would love Dexter because he is the classical leader of the ‘Rascals” who was betrayed by someone he trusted and loved.

The gameplay as a result of this character type is improved because Dexter finds it challenging to trust others and is now on a mission to avenge himself against Cain, the rascal that betrayed his trust. If you dig this kind of metaverse play, then you should visit Paradox Studios. You can assign Dexter with any power of your choice, provided you help him defeat his new enemy Cain.

Still from the family of Ape NFTs, Billy is a Dexter loyalist who stayed behind when Cain and Dexter on their mission, which was a hunt for the alien tech they had their eyes on. Upon Cain’s return without their able leader, Billy is devastated to find that Dexter died during the mission.

But of course, this is not true. Instead, Cain betrays his master when he discovers the power of the alien tech, and lies about the leader’s death to cover up his crime. Cain only has to slip up once for Billy’s loyalty to switch from the Rascal’s new leader back to Dexter. Billy is an intelligent dude who makes the mission more exciting and prone to succeed. He also has an interesting character that makes him a great addition to your skins collection.

You can also buy an NFT called Cain, the mastermind behind the betrayal of his former leader and the new commander of Paradox city. The interesting thing about NFTs and play-to-earn games is that you can choose any of these characters, so feel free to ditch the standard good guys always win theory and maybe play the bad guy for once.

In the Metaverse, anything is possible. You can purchase any of the eight plus NFT characters in the NFT marketplace for current games. You can use them across the diverse web three games on the Paradox Metaverse network.

Earlier, an NFT marketplace was mentioned. This is the website to visit when shopping for characters in the play to earn tournaments.

Paradox Metaverse is a personal project of ParadoxLabs. They are the organizers of Paradox Events and Paradox decentralized apps such as Paraswap. Their identity is unknown.

The games in the Paradox Metaverse are well-animated and engaging, making the project a promising prospect. It was designed for a specific community, one that also includes creators of NFTs.

Trading the cryptocurrency market is volatile and risky. And regardless of how promising Paradox Metaverse promises to be, the best approach is a careful one. Only invest what you can afford to lose, and do further research. In a nutshell, before adding $Paradox coin to your portfolio, it is in your best interest to follow your gut, start small, and do it for fun. In most cases, with projects like Paradox Metaverse, investors are crypto lovers who want a good time in an advanced version of the typical gaming system. The coins you earn are just by the way, even though they are also worth something when accumulated.

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