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NFTFundArt: global marketplace of digital assets

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Are you an NFT artist waiting to be discovered? If you have art to show the world, a platform has opened up for you. The NFTFundArt is the place to be if you are creative and want to sell your digital pieces.

NFTFundArt is not a cryptocurrency, even though it has a token, like other blockchain projects. Instead, it is a platform that builds dreams and encourages art to be traded or exchanged legitimately.

The Non-Fungible Token market is worth about 40 billion USD, so there is plenty of funding to go around. But again, the world of NFTs is quite saturated, and it can be difficult for first-timers or unrecognized artists to get some of the attention or spotlight. Or that used to be the case.

Are you ready for a slice of the juicy NFT potential returns? This is what NFTFundArt offers the world of creativity and limitless imagination. Buyers and sellers of all types of customizable art can come together to exchange unique and expressive content with lower fees. Taxes are also fair, whether you are buying or selling. If this is your scene, stay right there!

What is NFTFundArt? 

Despite the massive daily trading volume the NFT sector experiences, you will agree that getting the right or desired audience is not the most straightforward task. NFTs that blow up are often community art, and loyal community members facilitate the purchase. Additionally, the popular pieces guarantee good returns and value down the line, which certainly attracts wise investors.

But if you are an upcoming artist, what are the chances that you will get discovered? They are slim! And some may not even get the recognition they deserve.

This is why a platform like NFTFundArt will never go out of style. As long as NFTs are still in demand, there will always be a need for a digital marketplace to buy and sell these unique pieces.

It provides a secure and legitimate platform for buyers and creators of art to come together to exchange goods and services. Of course, smart contracts and validators will ensure that only legitimate trades are facilitated.

NFTFundArt is the first platform for buyers and sellers of NFTs

NFTFundArt is the first of its kind, even though other platforms exist for buyers and sellers of NFTs. For instance, on the Ethereum blockchain, purchasing a unique piece of art is seamless. The same applies to other decentralized exchange mediums.

This is because Ethereum is the promoter of smart contracts; the concept evolved from the Ethereum blockchain.

But again, most transactions there are between popular or renowned NFT artists and their already loyal buyers. There is little to no room for discovering any new artist, a downer.

Selling your artwork in places like that is not the easiest thing. For one, you need to be recognized, a star of some sort. If you are not Mike Winkelmann or 3LAU, you may not sell out as fast as you desire. The more popular NFT communities, often those that premiered in the NFT world, sell the most. It reduces your options.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, Quantum, and CryptoKitties are among the more popular non-fungible tokens in the industry, and these are projects that most would instead go for because they dominate the industry.

The reason is valid; these pieces will likely blow up or increase in value soon. You would want your money’s worth, as it should be.

But again, the concept of digital art should not be limited to making profits alone. The world is moving to a space where most things are internet based. In other words, the Internet-of-Things is here, and that era is inevitable.

You might as well collect digital art pieces and keep them in the Cloud. Or, print your unique entity data and hang it in your bedroom or living room. The possibilities are endless as long as the central concept isn’t lost. Your art is exclusively yours forever, and you can also use it to make more money.

The world is fast becoming more digital, and art creation is no longer limited to paint, canvas, or brushes. Now, you can bring creativity to life with a tablet and drawing pen. This takes away limitations and allows art to be more inclusive, which is the essence of creativity in the first place.

Now, even if you can’t use a brush to save your life, a tablet, the right courses, and a stylus will help you show the world what is going on in your mind. And you should be allowed to express it and make money off it too. NFTFundArt is for you.

NFTFundArt is your opportunity. There will be incentives for buyers, such as tax-free payments. Unlike any other crypto project, the NFTFundArt brings collectors and artists together deliberately to exchange NFTs and for that reason alone.

Art is limitless and should be allowed to thrive.

The NFT space on the Ethereum blockchain is already compacted. Art moves cyclically now, and that shouldn’t be the case. Who knows if your latest taste in art (which you haven’t discovered yet) will be teased out by a “starving” NFT artist?

When you can browse an array of collections, different perspectives, wild and tame, your taste improves, and your portfolio of worthy investments expands.

Suffice it to say that investors and sellers of non-fungible tokens will benefit from the NFTFundArt platform in different ways.

In all honesty, this is an innovative idea that will make a profit, which is why the coin may be a good investment. Think about the Web3.0 Amazon, but for NFTs or digital art. Shop till you drop or visit to feast your eyes on the creativity of the digital world.

You can also commission a private or exclusive art piece. The possibilities are limitless in a marketplace designed especially for Web 3.0 collectors and artists.

What Blockchain is NFTFundArt Hosted On?

The Binance Smart Chain hosts the NFTFundArt platform. It is also called the BSC. It offers the crypto world interoperability, multi-chain access, a decentralized platform, and a place for developers and users of the different digital asset groups.

In other words, you can buy and sell crypto, develop apps or decentralized exchanges, and exchange digital art.

The Ethereum blockchain would have been the ideal marketplace, but that DeFi space is already oversaturated with NFT buyers and sellers. It would be next to impossible for the next best NFT artist to find the recognition they deserve.

Therefore, NFTFundArt has been developed on the Binance Smart Chain or BSC, which is equally as safe and reliable as the Ethereum blockchain. Binance has been around for a while. It is among the more popular and reliable decentralized exchange platforms, and it facilitates trades for crypto enthusiasts in countries where buying and selling digital assets is taboo.

You can exchange any of the hundreds of tokens listed on the network through peer-to-peer. But even better, you can easily exchange your BNB for $NFA by funding your BEP20 wallet.

That makes it easier for you to participate in the sales of art on the Binance blockchain. Most NFT purchases take place on the Ethereum blockchain, so it will be a welcome change to migrate elsewhere to try the unique NFT services. 

What Services Does NFTFundART Offer?

The NFTFundArt platform has an NFT museum. The first digital or non-fungible art museum exists to facilitate the recognition of young artists while also making it easier for collectors to find quality and timeless pieces.

Renting NFTs is also possible because of the use-cases of Web 3.0 and the gaming aspect of blockchain you use them for. If you haven’t become familiar with the concept of gaming on the blockchain, the most important thing to know is that there is a multiverse.

The Multiverse is the totality of the gaming sphere of the decentralized trading world. Yes, the concept of creating a blockchain is spreading to every area of life where it is applicable, and playing games and having fun is one of them.

Since the blockchain is universal, every piece of information introduced to the ledger is permanent. This allows interoperability that the physical world or other aspects of technology are still finding their feet in.

Interoperability on the blockchain encourages users to enjoy diverse games with the same skins and tools. This means you can use your collection of NFT swords, shields, or avatars in various cross-chain competitions.

If the item is helpful in that setting, you can employ it. This makes gaming more fun and universal, as a multiverse should be.

So, it makes sense that there should be a marketplace for renting NFTs. For a small fee, you can borrow an NFT and return after use. This innovation is possible because of the transparency of the blockchain. You cannot abscond with a skin you rent from the NFTFundArt platform because the details will forever be accessible and unchangeable.

Another thing you can do on the NFTFundArt platform is NFT staking.

Staking in crypto is an activity that allows you to make money off idle assets. In this case, your inactive NFTs don’t have to sit in your wallet. Let them make money for you through staking, which is a way to contribute to the community’s liquidity pool.

What is the NFTFundARt Native Token?

The NFTFundArt project has its native token, which you will use to participate in its services. These include buying and selling digital art.

The NFTFundArt native cryptocurrency is $NFA. It is a BEP-20 token, which means it adheres to the protocols laid down for coins on the Binance Smart Chain.

$NFA trades at a meager price. The low value makes it more of a payment medium for services on the platform than a store of value or investment.

Although there are incentives for buyers and sellers alike, 10 percent of the proceeds from sales go to the NFTFundArt platform. This is the price artists pay for being discovered and selling their art instead of paying subscription fees for the opportunity.

The income is split in percentages and applied to the maintenance of the project and its services.

There are a quadrillion $NFA in existence. This is a whopping number, indicating that the value may never go up. That’s good, as it makes it easy to convert your money to $NFA tokens to buy and sell non-fungible tokens.

$NFA has a trading volume of $37,761, which is also good. It means cryptocurrency enthusiasts and NFT lovers believe in the project and are moving their money around in it.

Is NFTFundARt a Good Investment?

NFTFundArt token is currently trading at $0.00000000004. This is a meager sum compared to many altcoins, not to mention Ethereum or Bitcoin.

However, this is a floor price. If the project brings value to the cryptocurrency community, the native token will thrive because it will be in demand.

But again, the total or circulating supply of the tokens also determines how valuable they will get down the line. If there are too many in circulation, demand will not chase supply.

NFTFundArt has a total circulating supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 coins! This is a massive quantity compared to tokens that tend to grow in value over time, because of their restricted supply. When a digital asset is in an almost limitless supply, there is almost no assurance that the token’s value will rise.

This isn’t to say that it will trade at $0.00000000004 forever. Instead, it may rise to perhaps a dollar or more. But again, this isn’t investment advice, merely experienced speculation.

It is safe to say that the NFTFundArt project doesn’t exist to provide a coin that serves as a store of value. Instead, you will use $NFA to exchange services and goods on the platform.

As with every other cryptocurrency, you can also send and receive $NFA tokens for low fees and at a fast speed.

What NFTs are Tradeable on the NFTFundARt Platform?

If you have unique art pieces of any digital type, you can upload them to the NFTFundArt platform. These include music, paintings, artifacts, and even memes.

There is no limit to what you can sell on the network; if your creativity inspires and calls out to people, you will find your audience. That is what NFTFundArt desires – a bridge for buyers and sellers of non-fungible products.

NFTFundArt is a decentralized app that facilitates the discovery of upcoming artists. If you also enjoy digital art pieces, that’s where you can shop and create a personal collection.

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