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Monavale Crypto: price prediction and history

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Fashion meets virtual reality, and 23-year-old Emma Jane MacKinnon-Lee is at the helm of it all. The former student of aerospace Engineering at the University of Sydney, she quit college to develop her project for the crypto sphere, is dedicated to making luxury and a good eye for clothing and accessories accessible even in the metaverse and other things digital-based.

The digital fashion platform that is available to everyone – fashion lovers, art enthusiasts, and crypto investors. You can explore the world of NFTs, up and down chart movements, and fantastic fashion pieces on the Web 3.0 space. DIGITALAX and Monavale crypto make that happen.


Could DIGITALAX be the missing bridge between cryptocurrency, fashion, and the world?

Technological trends are creating profound changes that you only see in Hollywood movies. Cryptocurrency and digital tokens are striving to serve as more than the future’s medium of exchange. Now, you can make transactions with a digital coin that also offers other benefits.

Approaching and achieving a virtual-meets-reality globe for artists is what DIGITALAX has been up to, and the project invites you to join in on the fun. It also helps that you get tokens that increase in value too.

You can get involved in several ways – through gaming, sports, fashion, fashion designing, staking, and liquidity returns. It sounds like a lot already, so let’s break it down.

DIGITALAX is a fashion indie web3.0 platform hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. It is focused on propagating the principle of creative independence without sacrificing connectivity; that is what modern indie trends are all about.

But majorly, DIGITALAX is a fashion NFT marketplace with the very first global designer network decentralized autonomous organization.

You can become a user or designer on the platform, but that’s not all.

Typically, NFTs are minted and stashed away until the value increases or something else. But in the DIGITALAX universe, you make even more money by staking your fashion NFT. That way, you can earn your money back with time.

Furthermore, you can make even more money by using your minted Skins across the decentralized gaming platforms supported by the Ethereum blockchain. If you are a gamer, then the DIGITALAX ecosystem is an excellent place to be.

It allows you to finally earn while you play games and this one’s hassle-free. The ESPA Platform is the aspect of DIGITALAX that makes this possible. It creates an environment not just for gaming but also for content creators, software developers, and fashion designers to show the world what they have to offer.

The ESPA Platform serves as a bridge that provides people who cannot build their blockchain or lack the resources to do so with a medium to contribute to the DeFi sphere.

When you purchase a Skin on the DIGITALAX platform, rest assured that you are getting full ownership of it.

Skins on the platform are NFTs which also provide a source of income for you, not just the designer.

Like every other NFT, the Skin you purchase is solely yours. It may increase in value, and this may be the one outfit you own that does not end up in a landfill. Of course, it will also be the one that helps you make active and passive income.

Alternatively, you can choose to sell your Skin when you need the money. However, to remain in the game, you must keep recharging or changing your Skin. What this means is that your Skin has a timeframe for functionality. It will not affect the value, but you can only wear it for so long.

Some games have rejuvenation tasks that help you extend the time you can use to wear a particular skin. But even they will expire and will no longer be useful for gaming, which is an encouragement to increase your wardrobe.

ESPA is a decentralized gaming platform that encourages you to wear to earn. Essentially, you pay a reasonable price to participate in the engaging and competitive environment the network creates. The NFT you purchase is forever yours, but before you lock it away, you can use it to earn more $MONA tokens.

The exhibition of the NFT outfits is unique and entertaining. We don’t know how the ecosystem has managed to display available clothing without displaying bodies and faces, but all you see are floating but eerily beautiful NFT fashions on the website.

They are priced in Ether, but you are assured that you are the sole owner of whatever Skin you buy. The exclusive ownership extends to the material, texture, and other intricacies of fashion designing.

Models are not left out. They are offered an infinite wardrobe they can digitally showcase, and there is a Web3 runway. This widens the fashion industry and creates improved runway experiences.

The models will get paid virtually through $MONA tokens. This creates a stream of income and avenue to be discovered for upcoming models who want to get involved. And the increasing use-cases of the token make it more valuable, increasing the chances that the price will continue to rise.  

The implication is that new outfits can be invented and created without burning through physical fabrics and resources. Instead, this method allows you to think it, sketch it, and arrive at the perfect NFT.

Anyone who buys it can now decide to create a physical version that is also exclusively theirs.

When it comes to fashion designing and NFTs, you don’t have to fly to a particular country or a real-life location to experience an organized fashion show. Visit the website, and you will find a real-time, 3D display of what is available in the virtual wardrobe. What’s more, you can use your outfits to play to earn.

What is Monavale?

Every cryptocurrency project needs its native token, and Monavale is for the DIGITALAX ecosystem. Everything you do requires payment with this token, so you must own some to participate in anything.

Monavale is represented as $MONA on the platforms it has been listed on, like coinbase.

To start with, owning some $MONA tokens can help you contribute to the governance of the ecosystem. You can vote on the NFTs that the project will purchase and use to further develop its services.

Governance spans many areas, including Fractional Garment Ownership, Collector DAO, POD NFT, and $DECO. However, the prevailing digital currency for contributing to decisions on the DIGITALAX network is $DLTA. It is exclusive and reserved for the next-level DIGITALAX users, even though becoming a member is like taking a walk in the park.

Different tokens on the network allow you to have a say at the table, but you need to buy the $MONA token first. Then, buy an NFT outfit and become a community member, kind of like an inner circle.

The token that allows you to make governance decisions in the real sense of it is the $DLTA. It unlocks the most basic governmental rights on the network. Another important token is $GDN; you cannot use it to facilitate transactions, and it is mainly limited to members of the DAO.

Moreover, you don’t need to bother yourself with all the intricacies of running the DIGITALAX ecosystem. There are far more exciting experiences to be had.

As a part of the bid to include everyone in the DIGITALAX ecosystem, interested fashion designers can launch a clothing label and take advantage of the network’s large community or following, which is over six million.

Other benefits a fashion designer would enjoy on the DAO are the protocol’s web3 and front-end engineers and a realm that brings dreams and sketches to life, literally.

What’s more, you can take advantage of Decentralized Finance and the NFT realm to make maximum profit. NFTs are selling like a hot cake, and launching your clothing designs as this form of art not only helps you put your brand out there but also helps immortalize it and earn you maximum profit.

Models and fashion designers work with front-end developers to create an infinite wardrobe of unique outfits. While embodying independence without sacrificing connectivity, the DIGITALAX network makes its profit from the NFTs minted and sold. So, if you are a fashion designer, you will have to give up a certain percentage of the money made from your NFT to the network.

But it is a decent price considering that the protocol pays its front-end designers and other software engineering team members. They are responsible for building the Web3 Runway 101 for you, fashion designers, models, kinesthetic composers, posers, and anyone who wants to contribute to the fashion NFT sphere.

The experience it offers you is not limited to fashion alone. You can enjoy other DeFi applications hosted on the Monavale ecosystem and Ethereum network, participate in security through staking or serving as a node or enjoy games on the metaverse. Let’s not forget the 3D applications that are available.

Essentially, the essence of Monavale is to take advantage of the upcoming crypto sphere to create a stable income source for creatives, gamers, and developers.

No one is left out, and you don’t need to be in a particular part of the globe to participate.

How to buy Monavale

Monavale cannot be directly purchased with US dollars or another country’s fiat currency. However, since it is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, you can buy some Ether and convert it to $MONA tokens. It is even very straightforward because to purchase a skin on the DIGITALAX website, you need Ether tokens.

To get started, find a regulated platform where you can buy Bitcoin or Ether. Then, you can choose to create an account for a Monavale wallet, which is a secure online wallet for storing your coins.

Alternatively, you may purchase a more secure hardware wallet. For simplification, we will use Binance to explain how to buy $MONA. After purchasing Bitcoin or Ether, withdraw the coins to your wallet.

On Binance, several decentralized exchange platforms allow you to swap a major cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for one of the alternatives like $MONA. Locate one and completing the transaction from there is a seamless process.

You can keep growing your tokens by participating in money-making activities on the ecosystem, like gaming, designing fashion pieces, or even protecting the network by acting as a node.

You can earn $MONA tokens by participating in games, winning tournaments, and maintaining a winning streak.

As the use-cases and popularity of the Monavale token and ecosystem grow, the value of a $MONA will increase. And the token can be earned or bought in fractions.

So even if you don’t want to participate in gaming tournaments or fashion exhibitions, you can still belong to the Monavale ecosystem. You can stake your tokens for a reasonable APY, although the returns for staking your NFT outfits are far higher.

Overall, joining the Monavale network offers you many money-making opportunities. As the Gen-Z trend of making passive or active income without breaking your back grows, more environments that are virtual and otherwise will be created to propagate this movement further.

Monavale seems to be at the helm, because whether you are playing a game with one of the NFT skins, developing software for the protocol, designing outfits for the Web3 Runway, modeling them, or simply staking your $MONA, you will continually earn returns.

Is Monavale a good investment?

Monavale has attained an all-time high of $5,980.

Although it is trading slightly above $1,000, it has seen its highs and lows, like every other cryptocurrency.

Digital tokens have a couple of things in common, despite offering diverse functions to the decentralized finance world. Their prices go up and down subject to demand and supply, but you can make a good profit if you do your research well and are patient.

Deciding whether Monavale is a good investment is entirely up to you, but some factors that may help you make a profitable decision include the network’s use-cases, its whitepaper, and the developing team’s credibility.

If they align with your financial or lifestyle values and don’t appear sketchy, then the token may be a good investment for you. Follow your gut and avoid investing more than you can afford to lose.  

In a nutshell, DIGITALAX seeks to fuse gaming, software development, front-end development, fashion, and cryptocurrency into a single ecosystem. And so far, we can say it is succeeding.

Most importantly, fashion meets decentralized finance and is well within your reach. Joining the Monavale community is a walk in the park, but you can start by exploring the Web3 Runway for eye-catching fashion NFTs.

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