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Midas: crypto-investment platform focusing on producing passive income

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Since the 2020 Defi boom, investors across the crypto ecosystem have constantly sought new ways to garner higher yields on their holdings. Back then, they relied on a simple yield-generating strategy that required investments in base-layer protocols, like Compound and Synthetix.

These investments saw crypto holders borrow their crypto assets to these protocols, who would then return a percentage of the interest gotten from fellow platform members who had taken crypto loans. That period signaled the high times for Defi, a new financial economy that looked safer than the falling stock market. However, all was set to change.

Midas Investments, a relatively new cryptocurrency investment platform, is already proving its reliability to small-time investors looking to make a profit on crypto without dedicating extra effort.

It employs several market strategy combinations for generating extraordinary yields within the Defi space. The Midas team, just like many others, relies majorly on yield-bearing assets in the Defi universe to compound yield.

What is Midas Investments?

Midas Investments describes itself as a passive income generator for cryptocurrency holdings with a legal business presence in Switzerland. Due to the unrealistic yield it offers, many investors remain cautious of the investment platform.

This project prides itself in helping experienced and budding crypto investors gain greater interest yields on portfolio investments. On the platform, members trade in all crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and its native token, Midas Coin.

Midas brags about delivering yields higher  “than anyone can ever find with traditional banks and institutions.” In fact, due to the unrealistic yield offerings, some investors prefer to steer away from the crypto investment platform.

On average, crypto assets trading on Midas offers 10-15% interest rates, proving the platform to be an excellent passive income stream. Midas Investments distinguishes itself through its investment and dividend distribution model, where platform members receive daily distributions of their accumulated interest.

There is no deposit fee, no payout fee on weekly dividends, and a 0.8% maintenance fee for SYAP (Stable Yield Automated Portfolio) and monthly rebalancing. Using extensive research and market expertise, Midas Investments compounds your investment for a tiny monthly fee allowing investors to avoid overpriced fees charged by other platforms.

Lastly, the Midas team provides an in-depth library and customer support systems on social media to enable users with the right resources to navigate crypto investment through Midas Investments.

While Midas currently lacks a customer service phone number, you can chat with a member of Midas through its website. The communities of Midas users also provide information or allow you to search previous threads and videos.

Midas Investments numbers

In its four years of existence, Midas has elevated from a small-scale project to a global avenue for investors to generate steady passive income from the new cryptocurrency age.

Over 30,000 investors worldwide and $100 Million in assets were associated with Midas Investments in its four-running years. The platform boasts 7000 active users out of the 18,000 registered on its crypto site.

How does Midas Investments generate yield?

Every successful asset management company knows that managing investors’ risk is crucial for surviving in the game. And as most already know, crypto has proven year-on-year that it’s still one of the market’s riskiest and most volatile assets.

An asset that has repeatedly both created millionaires and cost millions of people millions of Dollars.

The Midas team acknowledges the crypto market’s volatility and constantly works to understand the best strategies to turn an advantage out of the market’s current nature. To achieve its goal of “looking for the most lucrative yields thus compounding the net profit for its investors,” the geniuses behind Midas use the following strategies;

Liquidity providing

Uniswap, among the largest AMM (Automated Market Makers), recently dropped the V3, which now diversifies lending pools further and introduces three additional fee tiers. These developments allow the LP to concentrate liquidity for a specific price range.

Ensuring there’s always a sufficient yield for investors, even when the market is dipping. Furthermore, Midas also provides liquidity to pools where a stablecoin is paired with a volatile cryptocurrency asset. That happens because the pairing of a stablecoin and a volatile crypto asset is the currency pair mostly used by traders.

Leverage liquidity mining

Other methods, such as leveraged liquidity farming, where they borrow more stablecoins and volatile crypto assets to deposit them into LP pools, are used to maintain the platform’s interestingly-high rates.

Carrying this process out will result in a higher share of trading fees for Midas. These increased shares can then be directed towards offsetting the interest rate on the highly-necessary borrowed capital.

Yield vaults

Yearn Finance has become one of the world’s most attested yield aggregators, constantly developing new ways to optimize investors’ yields. The protocol also allows yield-bearing assets and intends to use them to generate more fantastic yield results.

How does Midas Investments work?

As we’ve explained earlier, Midas Investments is a Defi protocol that provides investors with higher-than-average investment yields. The platform caters to investors through the following:

SYAP (Stable Yield Automated Portfolio)

The Midas Investments Stable Yield Automated Portfolio is one of the most utilized and common investment strategies. With these portfolio options, you’ll have the choice to invest in four of the largest cryptocurrencies.

Using the SYAP portfolio will enable you to invest in the following:

  • Midas (Midas’ native coin)
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • USDC.

With these stable portfolio investments, your receive consistent payouts each day. Then payments are finalized each Monday morning, which is an excellent way to create and receive your passive income.

Another benefit of this portfolio is that you can customize your investments in each cryptocurrency. It even allows you to choose your preferred investment total for each coin type, including its native Midas coin.

Giving such power gives users more control and personalization over where their investment goes. Finally, SYAP algorithms are automatic and consistently occur every month, which is vital to ensuring your money is being invested in a way that resonates with you.

The Midas exchange

The Midas Exchange is a user’s gateway to accessing the exchange platform. It allows users to trade coins without a third-party platform and all the implications of changing too many hands.

Using the Midas Exchange, you can avoid fees building up and potential losses associated with trading several hands. The exchange also permits you to mine on the platform as your coins accrue value.

CeDeFi strategies

Midas recently released CeDeFi to close the gap between decentralized and centralized finance. It exposes investors to Defi products, like liquidity aggregators, decentralized exchanges, and yield farming, while trading with the more familiar CeFi system.

Midas’s new tool will help investors with a medium- and high-risk options for additional asset diversification and optimization of return on investment.

Midas Investments pros

One benefit that interests investors is that Midas utilizes Fireblocks’ wallet protection platform. By integrating Fireblocks’ technology, Midas takes its transaction security to another level, making on-chain transactions as secure as possible.

The Midas team has also actively engaged in crypto and passive income generation since 2018. This shows that not only does the team understand crypto investing and how it works, but they’ve also provided their expertise to millions of other demanding customers.

In addition, Midas runs an affiliate program that incentivizes users to bring friends and family into the community. As per the program’s terms, referees gain a specific percentage from the deposits of newly invited investors.

Midas also protects your identity by hiding it on the investment platform. They often advertise to potential users, telling them that a Gmail or Discord account is enough to safely register and operate an account in the community.

However, ensure you use secure TFA (Two Factor Authentication) to protect your account from malicious attackers. And remember, for your safety, it’s best to avoid accessing your Midas profile with a public Wi-Fi connection. Take the same measures you use to secure your banking information.

Lastly, the young team behind Midas has consistently managed to develop portfolios that turn out to be highly profitable over the long-term. Their initial YAP, released in 2020, is associated with several highly successful projects already establishing themselves in crypto.

Is Midas Investments legit?

With your new knowledge about Midas, you might wonder if those margins are legit and need to be better to be true. As an investor, it’s wise to continually ask such questions before risking your money.

So, to provide an answer – Midas Investments is a legitimate crypto investment platform.

The reason behind the protocol’s shockingly-high interest is its system. The Midas team has trained its systems to adapt to market conditions quickly. However, this system isn’t free, and users must pay to operate on the platform.

While that may be undesirable, it still shows that Midas isn’t a scam. Illegitimate programs will offer “make money quick” schemes that promise everything but deliver nothing.

Midas Investments isn’t a scam. The platform has thousands of users worldwide and nearly 10k people following its Discord account. Also, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regularly updates its report of fraudulent business. Users can report suspicious actions to the BBB for prompt investigation.

Is Midas Investments safe?

Midas Investments provides a wide range of investment options for members seeking safe and simple ways to get involved with cryptocurrency. Apart from allowing users to choose between over a dozen crypto options, they provide members with several safety net investment options.

But before we invest our hard-earned bucks – Let’s find out how exactly Midas Investments protect your investment.

As you already know, investing in any asset type carries risk. But with cryptocurrency, your risk level is multiplied. Midas Investments recognizes this problem and take some risk through its unique investment model.

They diversify your investment throughout the crypto world. In that manner, your money constantly remains in contact with the dips and peaks. Instead of just investing big in one digital asset, Midas channels your investment into many to get the best interests and avoid making losses.

Midas crafts a portfolio for your crypto investments, meaning they help users create an investment strategy with their funds and reinvest their earnings in the best ways possible. By doing this, Midas liquidates your cash flow and ensures it’s reinvested in the right assets.

Midas Investments is a crypto investment protocol that combines several methods of yield accumulation to cater to the need of its ever-ready-to-invest community.

With the Yield Automated Portfolio, users receive an investment portfolio that intelligently invests between four pre-selected crypto assets in the Defi universe. This process helps diversify the portfolio’s risk thus allowing investors to engage in a diverse crypto collection rather than holding just one coin. It also reduces alot of work for investors. For instance, the Yield Automated Portfolio makes it easier for investors to hold multiple assets without putting much time and effort into market research and trading.

Passive income is undoubtedly the most significant perk the platform offers. Whether you are a novice investor or continually growing your retirement portfolio, you’re in a perpetual state of making money. You invest in Midas, and regular dividends go into your account weekly.

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