Thursday, December 7, 2023
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How To Find Your Software Development Team Before Launching а Project

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It is a relatively common case: when a client chooses a software development company and come to the first software consultations with his business idea, searching to hire a do-it-all person. Then after an initial project review, client find out that the team composition should include several people.

Client might be wondering, “What does a software development team do anyway that I need so many people?”, “Why can’t I hire just one developer to do the project?”, “What’s even the difference between all these programmers? “.

The main reason why a single developer is most often not enough is the fact that the world of software development is vast. Nowadays, there are a lot of different technologies, programming languages and tools being used for various purposes. From managing how you store data to making sure that your product is secure and reliable. Even Bjarne Stroustrup wouldn’t be able to do it alone!

This is why you need interdisciplinary software development teams structure with various specialists and sub-teams to cover all grounds. We can help you find software development team members.


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