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Flasko (FLSK): a go-to buying platform for crypto investors

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As a crypto enthusiast, it’s understandable if you constantly search for the next big thing in the industry. Names like PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are some of the newest and most successful crypto assets that may keep popping up in your search.

Undoubtedly, PancakeSwap and Shiba Inu can form a big part of your crypto portfolio. However, through the years, if there is one thing you should have learned about crypto assets is that the early investors are often the ones to make the most significant profit.

As such, there are nothing wrong with investing in Shiba Inu, a giant in the meme coin space, or PancakeSwap, a part of a prominent decentralized exchange, but chances these crypto assets will see a spectacular rise in value in the littlest time is very slim.

But an excellent alternative to looking into as a new, seasoned or expert investor in the crypto space is Flasko. Flasko is a relatively new crypto asset, but it offers several features that show potential for this crypto project. 

If you are curious, like many crypto enthusiasts are, about Flasko, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn the basics of Flasko and why it is a better investment than some popular assets in the crypto space. Also, we will address things like the features of Flasko and top-tier VIP membership.  

What is Flasko (FLSK)?

One thing going around the internet, social media platforms, press releases, and so on is that Flasko is a game changer directed at helping investors diversify their investments. So, in simple words, Flasko is a blockchain-based investment platform set up in 2022. If this is true, then understanding what Flasko said will help put this statement in a better perspective.

The Flasko platform offers investors the option to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It also gives people that hold this crypto token the opportunity to stake their Flasko in return for rewards. As a bonus, people who hold a particular but unspecified amount will be invested to attend in-person events.

While the system whitepaper is quite alluring, it’s important to mention that it needs to be clarified which of the blockchains the Flasko crypto is based on. Technically speaking, it is challenging to differentiate Flasko tokens from Flasko coins. In essence, all coins are tokens, but not all tokens are coins.

Also worth noting is that the Flasko token and Flasko coin have yet to be available on the open market. But there are plans for a presale ongoing. Flasko can have a total of one billion tokens in total. And during this presale, Flasko developers will put on around 35% of its entire token to be in supply sale.

Out of the supply of Flasko tokens that will be in circulation, 12.5% of it will go on exchange listings. Also, Flasko will keep 17.5% of its supply for marketing while 14% will pay up the development team. The platform’s partnership will claim 5%, its protocol community investment will take 15% of the total supply, and 0.5% will go to unspecified charitable causes.

What is the aim of the Flasko platform?

Any crypto platform without an aim isn’t particularly unique in its existence. For this reason, the aim a crypto platform tries to satisfy will determine how users will interact with it. As for Flasko, it aims to give people an opportunity to invest in high-end alcoholic drinks through NFTs.

The idea here is that people will purchase an NFT, which represents a specified amount of case or bottle, and then either hold or sell it for a profit. The Flasko platform allows people to buy a single or entire NFT and swap it for a bottle. Or these investors could buy fractionated versions of the NFT tokens.

A more practical way to imagine the fractionated version of an NFT token is an investor buying half an ether token on a crypto exchange; the same rules apply. As such, holders who own fractionated NFTs will still have the investment, but it will be on the part of the tokenized item.

Why is Flasko a better investment than PancakeSwap and Shiba Inu?

Now that you have a more in-depth understanding of Flasko, is it an excellent investment? As we said, two of the biggest names in the crypto industry, Shiba Inu and PancakeSwap, are making their rounds on the internet. But if you were to choose an investment platform, Flasko would make an excellent investment.

People consider investing in Shiba Inu, aside from dominating the meme coin space, because of the ease of adding utility to the project. Also, Shiba Inu has that stigma of being a meme coin, but you can still consider buying it because of its novelty or looking at something more serious, like a Flasko.

As for the PancakeSwap, though it reached an all-time peak of $44 in April 2021, it needs to be fixed around $4.82 today. While PancakeSwap has proven to be in the system in recent years, it is secured by Binance Smart Contract. Despite this advantage, the major challenge with PancakeSwap, such as rug falling, implements,

If you invest in Flasko, you can invest in a premium alcohol beverage niche without the hedge of inflation. Flasko has several achievements, such as over 4000 registered users, over 1700 token holders, etc.

Also, Flasko has passed an audit by Solidproof, which shows what liquidity will look like in 33 years, eliminating the chance to rug pull. Another thing worth noting is that the current price for Flasko is low, around $0404. Experts evaluate that the cost of Flasko potentially rises to $2 before the close of next year; the best time to invest in Flasko is now.

What are some features of Flasko?

Flasko is a new crypto asset worth investing your money in. But before you begin to see yourself investing in Flasko, it helps to take a moment to analyze what this crypto asset has to offer. And Flasko has more to offer than we may think. Essentially, there are some features of Flasko that make it unique.

If you look into these features, you will discover some high-value features of Flasko that make it one of the most-high valued crypto tokens to invest in.

●      Staking

One of the standout features of Flasko that makes it quite useful is that it allows staking. Staking in the crypto space is the opportunity given to users to reinvest their money in the system to earn passive income. Not all cryptocurrency allows staking, so for you to get this option with Flasko, it is a standout feature that will attract many investors to the token.

The best part about staking with Flasko is that the average return on investment is quite alluring. Flasko rewards its investors who are willing to give their Flasko token a return somewhere between the ballparks of 28% per annum. As though this desirable return isn’t enough, Flasko rewards stakers with part of its revenue from trading fees.

●      Flasko Launchpad

Another feature of the Flasko that is making headlines is its Launchpad. A Flasko Launchpad aims to help other small startup beverage companies promote new drinks. In essence, this Launchpad will attract new investors to invest in the early stage of a startup. In technical terms, the Flasko Launchpad is the medium investors can get in early with a business that can become valuable in the future.

But because of the grounds on which Flasko is built, the startup has to be somewhat related to alcoholic beverages. And when said brand gets on the Launchpad, it will be able to advertise its products to a large and diverse range of potential investors it would not otherwise have. This Launchpad will also produce Flasko investors with several benefits, such as first access to newly released products, discounts from beverage brands, and so on. 

●      NFT Marketplace

Finally, another notable feature of Flasko cryptocurrency is its relationship with the NFT marketplace. It goes without saying that for the past 18 months or so, the rise of NFTs has been one of the biggest success stories in the cryptocurrency world. More and more people are getting invested in NFTs, and it’s inevitable that many, including organizations and institutions, will soon jump on the bandwagon and start making and selling their own NFTs.

 With Flasko, users can invest in luxury and rare real-world beverages, such as buying and selling NFTs through the Flasko platform. The idea of this possibility and the possibility of delivering luxury drinks to investors who have purchased 100% of the NFT ownership makes the whole concept golden.

Top-tier Flasko VIP membership

If the idea of the Flasko cryptocurrency seems enticing, the next thing on every investor’s mind is how to get on board. Getting a VIP membership is one of the best places to be with Flasko. Note that becoming a VIP member is optional.

Becoming a top-tier Flasko VIP member is relatively easy, as there are only three levels. But it’s important to reiterate that each tier or level has a different offer and privileges it offers the investor. So, the benefits you get from the Flasko cryptocurrency depend on your capacity to be in the best tier. Below are the top three-tier Flasko VIP membership and all you need to know about it.

1.    The Champaign Club

The Champaign club tier is the top tier you can be a part of in the Flasko VIP membership program. Fortunate enough for anyone who manages to climb to this height, there can only be 25 partners in their tier. And each partner in the Champaign tier must have made a minimum investment of $60,000.

Several benefits come with being a member of this tier, such as doorstep delivery of premium Vintage Champagne. Investors in this tier also have access to a 24/7 personal account manager and over 25 limited and exclusive NFTs. You also get priority access to NFT conference partners, two trips a year to the Champagne region of France, new whiskey and wine startups, and so on when you’re an investor in this tier.

2.    The Wine Club

The next most valued club tier in the Flasko VIP membership program is the Wine Club. This club is also exclusive, as only 50 partners can be in this tier, each with a minimum investment of $30,000. 

As a Wine Club member, you have access to privileges like delivery of premium vintage wine, access to 50 discontinued and exclusive NFTs, 24/7 personal account manager, and more. Members in this tier will also be given access to wine-tasting events—priority access to new wine startups.

3.    The Whiskey Club

The third and last Flasko VIP membership program is the Whiskey club which is open to only 75 spots. Investors in this tier must have a minimum investment of $10,000 or above. Like with most VIP membership tiers, investors get access to several privileges.

One of the most notable privileges of being a member of the Whiskey Club is that you can get access to the delivery of premium Whiskey. You will also get a personal account manager and access to up to 75 discontinued and exclusive NFTs.

Are there any red flags with investing in Flasko?

Before we round up this review of Flasko, a world of warning, the Flasko platform has no named founders. At its initial stage, it could be something to put off, but if all hell breaks loose, who can be held accountable for the platform’s performance?

Another worrisome fact about Flasko is that there needs to be a crucial detail of what the crypto is based on. Perhaps with time, Flasko will release more info concerning these red flags. But for now, these are the red flags you should be aware of about Flasko before investing your hard-earned money in this platform.

Conclusively, if you are thinking about getting into the Flasko cryptocurrency, it might be a big move. While there are a few concerns, it doesn’t mean the whole concept of Flasko cryptocurrency is flawed. Cryptocurrency shows a lot of potential to grow exponentially. For this reason, it’s essential to do your research and be convinced you find the platform to be something you genuinely believe in, considering you understand the risk and potential reward.

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