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Degrain crypto: world’s first cross-chain NFT trading platform

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Cryptocurrency is no more a new thing to people. Since the advent of the first digital or virtual currency, Bitcoin, in 2008, many other digital currencies have emerged. The use of these digital currencies has tremendously transformed how transactions are done. It decentralized the exchange of currencies, removing the third party that influences transactions and regulates currencies.

Since the launch of the first crypto and its global acceptance, cryptocurrencies have gone beyond digital currency for transacting. It has been taken as a means of investing and securing funds that will in turn, yield outrageous profit. Crypto is an asset, and many investors are turning to it, investing a considerable amount of money into it. And through crypto, lots of people are making it big in it. Some prominent crypto investors are Barry Silbert, Michael Saylor, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Elon Musk (Tesla), and Michael Novogratz, among others.

Some weeks back, the cryptocurrency market has been seeing some uptrend, leading to gains for investors. As investors are regaining in the crypto they invested in, the smart ones are also looking into other cryptos with huge profitability potential to invest in. One crypto with great potential investors are looking to invest in is Degrain crypto. From analysis, it is believed that DGRN will have an upsurge of 8,000% before 2022 runs out.

Is Degrain good crypto to invest in? What is the market profitability of the crypto? We are going to touch on this and many more. But before we delve into them, let’s have an overview of Degrain crypto.

An overview of Degrain Crypto

Degrain crypto is the “world’s first cross-chain NFT trading platform.” This crypto aims to be the pacesetter of the NFT thrive. Degrain aims to reward those who stake its token, buy and sell on its platform, and trade and accept payments for NFT. Degrain will be an NFT protocol to collaborate with other real-life companies. In doing this, revenue will be shared through the backed NFT. With Degrain, payments and sells can be made for NFTs through different cryptocurrencies on its protocol platform. Once you buy or sell NFTs on the Degrain platform, it qualifies to receive DGRN tokens.

The trading volume of Degrain is higher than its competitors, and lower transaction fees for its investors. Currently, investors of Degrain have a 100% transaction cost on the pre-sale of the tokens. The pre-sale of the degrain token started in July as its first phase and ended on August 8th. The degrain revenue will be shared among the token holders in line with the amount of tokens staked to yield a passive income. Also, the length of staking determines what will be earned as passive income, which is between 18% to 33%.

From the pre-sale of the degrain token that was released on July 7th, it becomes apparent the profitability that the degrain crypto holds. When it was released, over eleven million tokens were sold within an hour, with 60% of the token allocation purchased in a week. Currently, it has over 85% of the total allocation sold. As of present, the second phase of the pre-sale is ongoing.

According to the crypto analyst, Degrain is the best investment for all crypto investors for 2022. Before phase two of the token pre-sales, it was projected to increase between 6,500% and 7,000%. DGRIN is a strong force in the NFT market as it will initiate some tremendous transformation.

What distinguishes DGRN from its competitors

  • It is a cross-chain trading platform. Its protocol platform allows NFTs investors to get their hands on NFTs easily if they wish to get listed on the Ethereum network. Through the BNB on the Binance Smart chain, Degrin has created many possibilities with no hassle.
  • It provides rewards and revenue sharing. There is a 100% reward of trading fees for all the stakers, buyers, and sellers on the platform. Collaborating with the physical companies will allow for minted NFTs investors can invest. The revenue accrued from the contract made with real-world companies will be distributed accordingly to investors.
  • It creates fractionalized NFTs. Stakers of the DGRN token will be able to use the token to vote every month to know the NFT that the platform acquired for the month. The NFT acquired will be fractionalized and available for stakers on the platform to own them. Therefore, with Degrain crypto, those expensive NFTs you desire to have but can’t afford them will be made available on Degrain.

 The solution that Degrain is bringing to the NFT market

NFTs users are being faced with some salient problems. However, with Degrain, these issues will be solved. The problems that it is set to solve are

  • High sales fee: on NFT platforms, NFTs investors are confronted with high sales fees, which always make it difficult to purchase their desired NFT. With the release of Degrain, the sales fee on the platform will be 20% lower than that of the major competitor, Opensea. Instead of paying 2.5% on OpenSea, for instance, you can simply pay 2% on Degrain and get the same NFT you want.
  • Restricted volume: the trading volume on platforms like OpenSea and LooksRare that have been in the market and making a name is limited. The reason for such limitation is a result of a single chain trading which is Ethereum. The advent of  Degrain creates a cross-chain trading platform for NFT. And with this, the trading volume on Degrain will be higher than on others.
  • Cutting off venture capitalists: before the launch of degrain, on other platforms, there were lots of projects, and they were all being financed by the so-called venture capitalists in the market. Later on, all these projects are constantly being dumped on retail investors. But with degrain, there is nothing like venture capitalists’ investment. Everything will be based totally on the founder and financed by the community.

Opportunities that Degrain is bringing

  • There will be licensing of intellectual properties. This means that with degrain, NFT tokens will be able to authenticate the possession of any content, which is currently not feasible with trademarks and copyrights. In addition, there will be secernate in the identity of intellectual property using timestamps. With this approach, NFT chains will become unalterable, and owners of various NFTs can prove the ownership of any work of art at any point in time. Different innovations and inventions can be protected through the use of NFTs, and it will also endorse their possession of them. Data for verification can also be provided with NFTs and creates a public ledger.
  • There will be an exclusive community membership. With the degrain platform, real companies will have access to launch, enliven interest and also reach out to the right audiences. The communities membership will be strictly exclusive, meaning that NFTs will be made transferable for a specific price and will be shared among stakers. This will be a replica of a company like Ferrari that allows the present owner of the brand to get new models. The NFTs will let the membership be rented out, and the team will be able to introduce diversified utility to its partners. The exclusive community will create like-minded individuals on the platform, coming together to channel their course in the same direction for the charity. By minting NFTs, charity fundraisers will establish a donor community among people of the same interests.
  • Physical products will have a hyper-speed growth. The opportunity that degrain is bringing will make NFTs to be used for existing physical products. When the NFTs are launched, start-ups and existing companies will access valuable features, connect with the right users and raise capital. Degrain believes that when people pay a specific amount for an NFT, they should be able to receive more than what they paid to purchase the NFT in value. Hence, the fractionalized revenue of degrain for sharing NFTs in conjunction with real-life companies.

Can degrain be trusted to invest in?

As degrain has massive pre-sale purchases from investors, both in phase one of the launch and the ongoing phase two, some want some credibility for the crypto. And this is because of no other reasons than the scams of many cryptos and NFTs that siphoned investors’ money and disappeared into thin air. As an assurance of degrain credibility, the press release about the crypto, its vision, and the transformation it’s bringing into NFTs is being made known through its team or paid promotions and other platforms showcasing the revolution degrain is bringing in.

Another way degrain can be tested is the increase in token price that it continued to have. Within a short time of releasing the first phase of the pre-sale, it was sold out, and the second phase has seen sales of a good percent of over 165 million token sales. The potential it holds shows it to have more value in some months to come and give investors a good return on their stake.

As a result of the changes that degrain is set to bring, which will be first of its kind, various investors in Avalanche (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC) are already investing in Degrain, massively buying the DGRN tokens at its pre-sale. The release of DGRN has also decreased in other cryptos like Solana, and Cardano, where investors are selling to buy the pre-sale of Degrain.

DGRN has an inherent advantage for those staking in its tokens as there is a long-term benefit on investment that fosters cross-chain buying and selling through its deal with real-life companies. Investing in Degrain is seen as being safe as it has gone past its audit, and the liquidity is expected to be locked for ten years. Investors who saw the profitability of the degrain made profits from the pre-sale, which started at $0.01 and increased at the current selling price of $0.19. For investors looking for an asset in the long term, investing in degrain could be a modest investment as it has been predicted to be the best for 2022.

Rewards attached to trading NFTs on Degrain

In the NFTs industry, degrain is set to be the most liquid marketplace and a self-sustainable platform. And with this, numerous rewards come with trading NFT on Degrain. The most essential of these rewards is earning Degrain tokens. Other benefits attached are

  • Getting instantly paid royalty fees
  • Vested token holders and stakers will be rewarded with meager trading charges.
  • There will be collaboration and networking with the top NFTs creators to launch on the platform to serve as a plus for all NFTs investors.
  • The distributed network fees among stakers will be rewarded if the fees are re-staked or reinvested on the platform.

How degrain can be purchased

Degrain is still in its second phase of pre-sale, and to get the tokens, you will have to access the official site of Degrain by signing up for an account first. To make payment for the purchase of the token, you can make use of any type of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Litecoin, USDT BNB, DOGE, SHIB, and any other kind of crypto. The maximum amount of Degrin crypto you can get at the pre-sale is $300,000 in a single transaction. However, there is no minimum that you can buy.

As degrain is gaining popularity and people are investing awesomely in the pre-sale of the token, some investors are still skeptical about the credibility of the platform. And one of those reasons behind the wait and see of what will become of degrain crypto is the complete audit of crypto-security from CertiK that it has gotten.

Before deciding on investing in degrain crypto, ensure you do due diligence to confirm the platform’s authenticity. Because making huge pre-sale doesn’t guarantee its legitimacy. Investors should keep an eye on the news attached to this platform to get more from it. Like some investors, you may decide to follow “the wait and see” approach to know what will become of the crypto. However, if you believe that degrain crypto is reliable to invest in, all your eggs should not be put into its basket as it’s still new.

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