Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Silicon Valley Bank exposure: what does this mean for cryptocurrency

During the first quarter of 2023, March 10th, to be exact, regulators closed the doors to the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). That would be one of the first bank runs in 15 years since the 2008 financial crisis. Would SVB...

The market downtrend is good for crypto: is that really true

Every crypto owner is seriously watching how bitcoin fluctuates and even moves below the 20,000 US Dollar mark. This has created an unusual panic coming from the entire community. It's really pathetic to know that this USD 20,000 mark...

The coming recession is going to hit crypto, but not as hard as you think

A recession is yet to start, but the estimate of numerous economists is that it will soon come. The United States has the largest economy in the world, and this was contracted in the first quarter of the year...

DeFi: too much suffer from centralization, what can be done?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is not excluded from the tough time that much of the crypto sector is experiencing. Since December, its total value has been locked in fallen, which is by 70% per DefiLlama data. Mind you, it's not only this but also how different platforms that fall within the space of no-decentralized DeFi are under threat of collapse – the latest is the Celsius' suspension of withdrawals and the manifestation of the ongoing crisis.

AMD loses 450 Gigabytes of Company Data To Hackers

AMD is one of the latest computer tech giants to be targeted by hackers. According to BleepingComputer, data worth 450 megabytes was stolen from the computer chip giant in January this year. So is this true, how did it...

Who accepts Bitcoin in 2022?

You may be thinking about who accepts bitcoin as a payment method when planning to purchase it. But you should understand that not every merchant and service provider accepts Bitcoin, so knowing those that do will help you know how to channel its spending. In this article, several companies and services that accept bitcoin in 2022 will be covered.

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Quant crypto: an innovative technique of using a single token to represent multiple assets on different blockchains

Quant crypto is a unique project introduced in 2018 by Gilbert Verdian, Colin Paterson, and Paolo Tasca. These are...