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Big Eyes crypto: one of the most popular meme coins

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Big Eyes Crypto is a cat-themed project that is barely two weeks old in the decentralized financed space. It is a meme cryptocurrency that may be a favorite of cat lovers and environmentally conscious individuals; by investing in this token, you make some contributions to saving the oceans.

However, that’s not all. There will be a Big Eyes Swap, a decentralized exchange platform for NFTs! It will also host the NFT collection the project intends to show the world.

There are many interesting things about Big Eyes Crypto that separates it from other meme tokens in the market. To be a smart investor with Big Eyes, let’s see what it is made of!

What is Big Eyes Crypto?

Big Eyes Crypto is a cat-themed cryptocurrency. But unlike the typical meme cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes Crypto wasn’t developed to make fun of anybody or crypto community but to save the oceans, according to the whitepaper. It is already available for pre-sale, so go invest in the oceans now.

There are 200 billion tokens in existence and seventy percent will be sold to the public. So, by purchasing tokens at the initial stage, you can contribute to the Big Eyes Ecosystem. You will participate in governance because the project is all about community, virtual and physical. But for now, the developing team is still in charge of the total supply of tokens.

Five percent of the money made from selling Big Eyes tokens goes into saving the oceans. The reason is that cats can access an endless and un-endangered food source. This is obviously a joke, but the idea of saving the oceans is a selfless and worthy cause to take on.

Another five percent of the proceeds go into marketing. The Big Eyes Crypto project aims to utilize the media to increase its online presence. The final twenty percent will be reserved as liquidity, which provides a safety net for users.

Big Eyes Crypto is similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu but also stands out. Most notably, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin were created without a serious purpose or to make fun of the serious community. They were networks developed to make the cryptocurrency community laugh a little, a break from the seriousness usually involved in raising funds to kickstart the project in question.

In contrast, Big Eyes Crypto was developed to increase the percentage of wealth holdings in the decentralized finance system. It does this through three different means.

The first is the NFT collection. The Big Eyes crypto team intends to create an NFT collection to make it to the top ten worldwide. The amount of money earned from this venture would further facilitate the project’s desire to save the oceans and contribute to other charitable events.

This will cause the value of one Big Eye coin to increase over time. Currently, it is trading at $0.0001, the presale price. The presale appears to be going so great that the project intends to increase the price by 25 percent after the second week. That leaves you about a week to decide if you have a premium and discount investing style.

This leads to another point in the Big Eyes Crypto project’s favor. It will also provide a platform for investors to swap one token for another.

Not every coin you want is listed on popular exchanges. This is the reason platforms like Big Eyes are likely to succeed. Other platforms offer decentralized exchange services, so Big eyes Crypto has some competition. However, the absence of transaction fees is an advantage that crypto traders will not pass up on.

In a nutshell, Big Eyes Crypto portrays itself as not just another meme cryptocurrency, even though it doesn’t take things too seriously too. Perhaps the aim is to balance the utility of worthwhile projects and the lighthearted humor of meme coins.

Unlike the typical meme crypto, Big Eyes Crypto wants to contribute to the blockchain. More specifically, it intends to release products that will hook the attention and interest of non-crypto users. Perhaps Big Eyes Crypto will be the bridge the world needs to invest securely in the decentralized finance industry.

Make no mistakes about it – an NFT is a pricey investment, so you cannot trust just anyone with your funds. Furthermore, any project that offers to hold onto such an extensive collection of NFTs must be secure.

To protect users of the Big Eyes Crypto project, the project employs Solidity Finance, one of the best smart contract auditing companies, to ensure adequate security. Rest assured that the developing team takes no chances with your funds.

Big Eyes Crypto Team

The Big Eyes Crypto is anonymous. The team members go by cat monikers. This may be a good thing, or it may not.

There are many reasons a name is essential, but things may be slightly different in the decentralized finance world.

For instance, the premier cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created by a nameless being. Nakamoto Satoshi has never been identified as a person, and no one knows where to find them. However, the coin has reached an all-time high of 60k plus.

Nakamoto Satoshi set a precedent that some other crypto project creators have also adapted. Shiba Inu, another meme cryptocurrency, is in this category.

Shiba Inu was created by Ryoshi; who is Ryoshi? No one knows!

And yet, the coin has a cult-like following, and it appears to be doing well. However, it does not trade above a dollar. Nevertheless, the coin was designed to poke fun at Dogecoin, created by an anonymous developer, and it is still strong today.

Speaking of which, the cat monikers include Top Cat, who we can assume to be the leader of the developing team. Tech Cat is another member, hailed for being born and raised in the matrix.

Other members include Hype cat, Op Cat, and Law Cat. Little to no information can be used to determine the credibility of the developing team of Big Eyes Crypto.

But again, judging by Ryoshi of Shiba Inu, perhaps anonymity may work. And the larger percentage of the tokens will be in the users’ control, to show transparency and assure a degree of safety.

What Blockchain is Big Eyes Hosted On?

Big Eyes Crypto is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. This means it abides by ERC20 standards, which is a good sign.

The Ethereum blockchain is the best place for a project like Big Eyes Crypto because of what it intends to achieve. If you don’t already know, NFTs are mostly hosted on the Ethereum blockchain because it is the most secure and all-encompassing platform.

Besides, smart contracts evolved through the Ethereum blockchain, and smart contracts are required to trade NFTs securely.

This is an advantage for the Big Eyes Crypto project because of the ease of interoperability. Other users on the Ethereum blockchain can seamlessly find their way to and from the NFT events the cat-themed meme project will organize.

Big Eyes Crypto hopes to have its collection of NFTs, and you can assume what they will feature. You guessed it – the ocean and cats!

This is the decentralized platform to shop for collectible art, and you will not bother buying or selling tax.

Big Eyes Crypto Merch

Another activity that may interest you from Big Eyes Crypto is merch sales. The latest meme cryptocurrency in town will make money through different means.

For instance, there will be an array of exciting art pieces about cats and perhaps the ocean.

Is Big Eyes Crypto a Good Investment?

Big Eyes Crypto may be a good investment, but overall, it depends on your investing style. There are some unusual factors about investing in Big Eyes Crypto, including the fact that there is no recognizable founding team.

However, the tokens are decentralized, and so is governance of the ecosystem. You have a say, and the transparency of the blockchain can also be used to your advantage.

Big Eyes Crypto Road Map

there is no certainty in the crypto market. However, some cheat sheets point investors in the right direction, one of which is the project’s Road Map. It is like a manifesto, and it helps you stay on top of the developing team’s actions.

Usually, each developing team lists the steps they will take to launch the network and put it out there to do the work it was designed for.

The Cat Command Roadmap shows you various Big Eyes Crypto project plans. So far, the audit of token, presale, media stunt live, and many other items on the list have been successfully ticked off.

Most importantly, it has become apparent that the project intends to truly save the oceans and contribute to a worthy and charitable cause. Although it hasn’t been around for that long, the Big Eyes Crypto project has already donated north of 250,000 tokens.

After the first presale, which hasn’t ended yet, five percent of the money raised goes to the environment.

Regarding the audit of the token, Solidity Finance did it. An audit is important to determine how secure a coin is. Some aspects of the software checks include signature issues, which can be a big deal that results in massive losses, token theft, and flash loans.

The whitepaper states that they will not mint or burn new ones and that the supply can only decrease. This may be a good sign because the value can only increase as demand rises.

Big Eyes Token (BIG)

BIG is the native token for the Big Eyes Crypto project. You need the coins to buy and exchange NFTs, and to participate in other services on the network.

There is a maximum supply of 200 billion BIG tokens in existence. A maximum supply indicates an impending increase in value if the project brings something unique to the crypto ecosystem.

But even better, you can enjoy the services on the Big Eyes platform for free. There are no gas fees for transactions and purchases. There is even more incentive because you are exempt from buyer’s or seller’s tax, as an NFT collector or creator.

Are There Real World Use Cases?

There are endless possibilities for the Big Eyes Crypto project, given the direction of NFT fashion on Web3.0 platforms. Artsy pieces of any vibe and type can now sell as NFTs on different crypto platforms, so there is a possibility that the Big Eyes Crypto Merch will dominate the scene.

There is a target community, which is cat lovers and people who appreciate and want to save the environment. And even if you don’t have a cat but love the statement pieces from the Big Eyes Crypto outfits, you can put in a bid.

The NFT collection is also useful, which may signify an increase in the value of one Big Eyes token.

Furthermore, the Metaverse is an exciting world where a project like Big Eyes will be put to use. There are many NFT games you can play across the multiverse.

Gaming on the blockchain revolves around skins and unique objects you can use cross-chain. This makes the ecosystem more lively, and Big Eyes NFTs will fight right in!

When it launches its NFT collections, the DeFi sphere will be bombarded with adorable and animated cat art that may sell like hot cakes. Given how the blockchain works, these unique NFTs can be essential in cat-themed blockchain games.

The Big Eyes Crypto project involves NFTs and a native Decentralized Exchange platform, important aspects of the crypto ecosystem that will never go out of style or relevance. Therefore, it offers value so that it may attract value.

Of course, as with every other token, you can buy and sell Big Eyes Crypto. But you will not find it on the regular exchange platforms like Binance because it is a new project that hasn’t been listed yet.

How to Participate in the Big Eyes Crypto Coin Presale

To buy Big Eyes Crypto, you need Ether, USDT, or BNB. Because the project is ERC-20 based, you need a compatible wallet.

Then, visit the Big Eyes Crypto presale website to buy BIG tokens.

Big Eyes Crypto is the first cat-themed meme cryptocurrency. It seems to be off to a good start, seeing as it has raised more than $2.8 million after its first presale week.

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