IT Outsourcing is the transfer of functions to support, maintain and develop part or all of the organization’s IT infrastructure, on the basis of a contract. More and more companies are switching to IT outsourcing, realizing that behind this is a thoughtful and profitable organization of business processes.

Try it if you want:

  • to transfer responsibility for the stable operation of the information system to competent IT specialists;
  • to reduce the tax burden – by reducing the wage fund;
  • to ensure stable and fast operation of computers, network servers, software and business processes associated with them;
  • to promptly solve IT problems at several facilities at the same time (office, production, warehouse);
    minimize the human factor – there will be no more situations when the work of the enterprise stops due to sick leave, vacation of the system administrator;
  • to get competent help – we are constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills. We use modern solutions and information developments in our work;
  • to reduce the risk of loss and leakage of key information;
  • to offload your IT department. For example, transfer the function of technical support to users.

qqNade will provide high-quality maintenance of IT infrastructure. Accurately and timely control the quality of work performed. It will become your reliable business partner for a long time.


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