Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Peter Oakes

Media Network: a cryptocurrency protocol hosted on the Solana blockchain

Twenty-three thousand people hold Media tokens. Why? The token trades at $26 with an impressive market cap, making it a potentially good investment. But before you put your money into any crypto project, it is advisable to do enough research,...

Georgia plans to integrate European Crypto Standards with its local cryptocurrency laws for anti-money laundering

Before we get to the main point of this article, which explains all about Georgia's plan to adopt European crypto regulations to fight against money laundering, let us take a look at some key points in this article. Georgia is...

A crypto firm mistakenly transferred $10.5 million to a woman’s account instead of a $100 refund

Here are some of the major points that this article will be talking about. A crypto firm ( fronted by Matt Damon mistakenly transferred the sum of 10.5 million dollars instead of a 100-dollar refund and is now struggling to...

Degrain crypto: world’s first cross-chain NFT trading platform

Cryptocurrency is no more a new thing to people. Since the advent of the first digital or virtual currency, Bitcoin, in 2008, many other digital currencies have emerged. The use of these digital currencies has tremendously transformed how transactions...

The value of crypto ATM market is said to hit $472 million by 2027

Before we get to the main point of this article, which explains all about the market research forecasts on the cryptocurrency ATM market increasing in value, let us take a look at some key points. By 2027, there is a...

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Top five largest crypto exchanges

The hot cake that is decentralized finance needs a marketplace, regardless of the lack of a central controlling body. There...
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