Friday, September 30, 2022
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James Norris

Polymath Crypto: ERC20 token that plans to be a security token platform

Polymath crypto improves the blockchain by providing a means to invest in and trade securities in the DeFi realm. Some might even argue that the crypto sphere will not thrive without Polymath’s services, but that is for...

What are the features of Numbers Protocol (NUM)?

If you want a cryptocurrency that offers value, perhaps you have found it. One of the factors to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency is the value it offers. When investing in tokens, the idea is to provide the team with...

Tsuka Crypto: what it is and what it can do for you

Is Tsuka crypto the twin sister to the Shiba Inu token? Well, that is what members of the meme cryptocurrency community think. And you know what? They may be right! There are certainly some similarities, most notably the shared common...

Seven things to know before buying Ergo

What is Ergo, and what does it have to offer the world? There is some buzz around and about the Ergo community, but you need to know these seven things before buying the token. Spoiler alert: Ergo stands out from...

Numeraire crypto: is NMR a good investment? 

If you’re fascinated by the activities of Wall Street or how hedge funds work, Richard Craib and his team of data scientists have developed a way for anonymous and mass participation. And you can contribute without risking too much...

XLM Stellar ecosystem: why it is worth considering for use

Making international payments has been one of the most problematic aspects of the finance sector for a very long time. Long delays and transaction fees are typical of most payment platforms and institutions including banks. What if there was a...

Proof of Weight: real-life use cases of consensus algorithm

A blockchain is the lifeblood of any cryptocurrency, and it must be secure, scalable, and swift. Many blockchain technologies already exist in the market, the most popular ones being Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work. Being the premier cryptocurrencies may give them...

Dogecoin: what is it and does it have any value?

Elon Musk says it’s to the moon for the Dogecoin community. In his words, “what would be the most ironic outcome that the currency that was invented as a joke in fact becomes the real currency.” In a world where...

What is Ether?

Every blockchain needs a transactional currency. In some cases, all it does is facilitate payments and serve as a store of value, like Bitcoin. In other instances, the token can be used to execute many other useful applications, like Ether. Ether was launched in 2015. Before then, all the world had was Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency of the future. However, it had been designed to execute only one function – be a decentralized means of payment. The blockchain was the first in the industry, so its functions weren’t expansive.

What is a Crypto Faucet?

What if there was a way to own some cryptocurrencies without buying them with your fiat money? Or without going through the tasking process of mining? Well, you can do this through crypto faucets. These apps, websites, or browsers reward you with cryptocurrency when you complete your assigned task.

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Flux: cross-chain Oracle on NEAR Protocol

Flux protocol is a cross-chain oracle aggregator that supplies economically-viable information to smart contracts. Smart contracts are pieces of code...
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