Offshore SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and RECRUITMENT services worldwide.

Offshore SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and RECRUITMENT services worldwide.

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For our developers, lifelong learning and self-development are essential. How to motivate employees who have achieved some success in their field? It is important for them to be given the opportunity to compare their own perception of their abilities with the objective opinion of other professionals. We found a way to give them that opportunity. Here you can see how our programmers cope with various tasks.

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Bring your idea to life with an expert level custom software development.

Complete your project or build a new software solution or application from scratch with our custom software development team.

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Having succesfully delivered high number of software development projects, qqNade have gained solid experience in decentralised finance (DeFi) and crypto currencies and many other sectors. We also act as a Venture Capital Broker for various angel or venture capital firms and tech entrepreneurs.

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We perform world-class custom software development services for startups, small-to-midsize (SMB), and enterprise-size businesses.Our highly experienced software developers have a deep understanding of how to create the ideal solution for your business.

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Most of our highly qualified developers are based in Eastern Europe and Asia and our expertise in managing remote teams allows you to quickly resolve recruitment challenges and start getting excellent results on a significantly lower budget. .

  • Cardano was established in 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson and was finally launched in 2017. The project is supervised by the Cardano Foundation based in Zug, Switzerland. Cardano is named after Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano.

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Based in London, qqNade allows us to be accessible for our clients and helps with efficient communication. At the same time, most of our highly qualified developers are based in Eastern Europe and Asia, so you can start getting excellent results on a significantly lower budget.

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Our software development outsourcing services are one of the most effective ways to create websites, applications and e-commerce.

Good cooperation is not based on being in one office but on experience and common goals. We successfully implement projects for companies from all over the world.

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qqNade is the perfect choice for your business software needs. Let’s make a short phone or video call, listen to your needs, and advise the best solutions.

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  • Polygon is usually called the Ethereum of blockchains. And the reason why is simple. Polygon aims to make blockchain technology and decentralized apps very accessible to people. Just the way Ethereum does.

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  • With crypto wallets, the holders of digital currencies get the necessary entry to the blockchain system and the history of each trade. You should understand that the wallet address and digital assets are linked together in the blockchain.

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  • Polkadot is an open source blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. It provides interconnectivity and interoperability between blockchains, by enabling independent chains to securely exchange messages and perform transactions with each other without trusted third-party.

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